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Dear agilebits team,

I am an avid 1Password user and overall very very happy with the App, as a matter of fact I could not do without as I manage all of passwords with it.
Currently I'm experiencing some issues by trying to import icons / thumbs for some websites. Let's take a look at www.rapidshare.com or specific login pages to cPanel / WHM installations - there is simply no icon being imported. I reckon these are (generally) https pages so I've tried to add the URL with HTTP only and import the thumb however with the same result.

Its certainly no major complaint however it just would be nice that this would be working for all websites or if there would be an option to manually add / import an ico or png from a local source.

Thank you very much!


  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    Welcome to the forums, browny-jay! Thanks so much for you kind words. :)

    The icons are provide by the sites themselves, so we don't have any control over them. However, I will certainly pass your request along to the developers for the ability to set them yourself within 1Password for Windows.

    If we can be of further assistance in the meantime, please let us know. We are always here to help!
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