1password X on Mac will not hide copied passwords in Alfred's copy paste history

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I am using 1password X in Firefox on my MacBook Pro and it does not hide copied passwords from Alfred (Alfred App). The Alfred App can ignore only focussable apps. But the 1password x app could mark the data as concealed and then it should also work for 1password X.

I like 1password X, but this makes it not usable in my workflow, because i am presenting a lot and it shows the copied passwords in clear text whenever i open the copy paste history. Any ideas how to fix this for now? additional question: can I somehow turn fingerprint on for 1password X on the mac? it only allows me to unlock it via the master password.

Thanks! Deniz

1Password Version: 7.3.2 (70302004)
Extension Version: 1.17.0
OS Version: OS X 10.15.2
Sync Type: Not Provided
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    I cannot speak for the 1Password X team and the concealed data. But I can assist you with your second question and using touch ID. :)

    You can indeed use it with the Mac. You can find out more information here - https://discussions.agilebits.com/discussion/101231/introducing-desktop-app-integration-for-mac

    Please note that for it to work, you will need the 1Password X beta, and you must also use the 1Password for Mac app betas. That is mentioned on the link too. Also, don't run both versions of 1Password X simultaneously, which could cause issues.

    From one user to another, thank you for bringing this up. I also use Alfred, and with me being a new convert to 1Password X, I hadn't noticed this behavior.

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