How do I securely share passwords?

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Sometimes I have to share the credentials of an online account of mine with someone else. Most people around me don't have a password manager and have no idea what a password manager like 1Password is. And people who have once heard about password managers say they find it "complicated" and "too much hassle," while they have never tried it.

How do I securely share passwords with people who don't have 1Password or another password manager?
Can I share these credentials via a kind of encrypted message? Which app could I use for this?

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  • Can I share these credentials via a kind of encrypted message?

    Sure. But then, those people would find it "too much hassle" to decrypt the message anyway.

    I think the best way to compromise the situation, is to tell other people to receive your credentials by Telegram or some other software that can send self-destruct messages, so other people will be able to copy and paste, and then never get it back again.

  • Okay @richardevs, which of these apps is the easiest to use?

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    How about using Guest Vaults? The nice part is, you can make it so they can’t change this.

    The issue with Telegram, you have to turn on the encryption (not on by default). Their code isn’t 100% open source and they use their own encryption and more info here about it. I would use Signal, end to end encryption on by default, open source, and disappearing messages. You just need a cell number to set up, pretty easy to do (my 70+ old mom had zero issues using this :lol: )

    Personally, I’m a jerk when to comes to this. I will fight this left and right before I share a password not using a password manager. I’m not sure of your full situation (work, maybe?) but it can cause problems. If a person messes something up, they can blame it on you. Just please be careful.

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    I will fight this left and right before I share a password not using a password manager.

    Same here. Just not worth the risks otherwise. :)


  • MartijnnMartijnn
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    @prime I don't have 1Password Families, so I can't use that 1Password feature.No one in my family has a password manager.

  • @Martijnn which do you have? I think all have guest vaults set up unless you have the stand alone version. @Ben can give more info. The nice part with the guest vaults, the other person doesn’t have to pay for this. The other nice part is, it will actually help them understand and get use to using a password manager.

    If that doesn’t work, I hope my other suggestion works for you :)

  • MartijnnMartijnn
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    @prime I would like to be able to use Guest Vaults, but It's a feature only available for 1Password Families, Teams and Business.
    I have a normal 1Password subscription.

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Correct; you'd need to upgrade to 1Password Families in order to utilize guests. That would be the solution I'd recommend here.


  • @Martijnn

    Just an idea, again, not sure what the situation is... are these family members? If so, I told mine that if they want me to help them with any technology issue, they have to do this :lol:

  • @Ben Can you also release this feature for my 1Password subscription? I find it very annoying that I have to upgrade to Families for this while I'm the only one using the subscription.

  • @prime ,
    That's actually a good idea :p:lol: , but I'm wondering if this is going to work.
    My family is hard to convince to use a password manager.

  • primeprime
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    @Martijnn I was able to convince mine, but it took some time. I pulled so much data and data breaches to show how using weak and reused passwords is horrible. I actually scared them into using one. Is a great site to show too how their sites are probably compromised. I also guessed my mom’s recovery questions and got into one of her sites that way. You also have the ability to recover their 1Password account also, so they won’t get locked out (a great selling point for people with older people using this).

    I also found out what services they had (Facebook, Netflix, or whatever) and find out who had a breach. I also use The Heartbleed bug as a selling point too. This was years ago, but I bet most people have yet to change passwords from this.

    My mom got a new iPhone last year and was impressed how easy it was to sign into her accounts again on the new iPhone. What use to take hours to do (all the accounts, remembering the password, resetting passwords, and so on) now takes minutes to do.

    Even if you get 1 person on the family account, it cheaper than the single account.

  • @prime My dad literally uses the same password for every site. And the worst part is that it is a very weak password. His e-mail address appears in various data breaches on Have I Been Pwned.
    When I start talking about the fact that he really needs to use a password manager, he gets angry and says he doesn't have time.
    But my mom is the worst in this. My mom always forgets her (weak) passwords and writes them down on a notepad. The only thing she remembers is the password with which she unlocks her Huawei phone.
    And my sister uses iCloud Keychain for her passwords. But her Apple ID password is weak.

  • @Martijnn I did help set up my moms. I went though her accounts (important ones) and showed her how easy on her computer. It took time, but if my mom got hacked (a bad one), I would be spending more time trying to fix the issue. So me doing it was actually saving time for me also, so it did benefit me as well. Now sure what your schedule is like, but maybe just doing it for them, and it might save you time in the long run. Or just say no password manager, no password :lol:

    For price, I charge each family member $12 a year, but I use this as part of a Christmas gift or birthday gift (because again, this does benefit me). My mother in law and father in law actually use the same account, maybe an idea for your parents, instead of them each having their own account?

    Parents are hard to convince, it took me actually “hacking” an account of my moms to help her do this. Not saying you should do that, but.... :lol:

    I actually have done presentations on this subject, one day I might post a “how to convince people” for this.

  • @prime

    I think it's time for them to get hacked. :naughty:

    My parents can't be convinced in any way.

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