Authorized Devices

There is an option to use once ("This is a public or shared computer") or on a registered device with the option of changing a device manually to force a MFA on next logo. Is there a way to force specific devices to start every time with yubikey instead of password or password and yubikey. There are specific systems that I use on a regular bases, but doing all 5 fields every time I need to use that computer not very easy. I have to manually change that device from another device to force MFA on next logon, with at times I forget. I would love to be able to set specific systems how I want them to auth each time I use them. Is there something I can do now or is this a ask to add to the product?

1Password Version: Not Provided
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Chrome
Sync Type: on-line
Referrer: forum-search:my.1password


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