Extension doesn't ask to save passwords and icon often is not in the field

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I was using 1Password for some month and then decided to switch to Bitwarden and deleted my 1PW account. Actually I'm thinking about switching back tu 1PW and so I created a new account with a new vault. That means that no logins are in my vault.

Now I installed 1PasswordX V1.18.0 in Firefox and Vivaldi and want to save all logins into 1PWX. I enabled the setting to save new logins.

But there is no popup for saving new logins. It doesn't matter which website I'm trying. It is the same behavior in Vivaldi and Firefox on two different computers with Windows 10.

Second "problem" is that the 1PW icon in the field sometimes is above or beyond the field when opening a login screen for the first time. When changing the field and switching back the icon is shown correctly.

2 examples:

Actually it seems to be a little bit hard for me to switch back to 1PW. :angry:

1Password Version: Not Provided
Extension Version: 1.18.0
OS Version: Windows 10
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • Just installed beta version 1.18.6 in Firefox but still the same behavior. There is no popup for saving new logins and the icon is not shown directly in the login fields on some websites.

  • On my private computer where I'm using Vivaldi I also installed Firefox without any Extensions. I only installed 1Password X. I disabled the password manager from Firefox and activated all for saving passwords in 1Password X.

    Still there is no popup for saving new logins into 1Password. Don't know what else I can do...

  • Could it be that I missunderstood saving passwords in 1Password X extension?

    As I can see in your support area there isn't a popup asking for saving a password into 1Password if it isn't available yet. I have to manually click the icon in the password field and have to select "Save in 1Password".

    When I want to have a popup as I knew from my former times with 1Password I have to use the legacy 1Password extension together with the Windows desktop app.

    Is it planed to bring a popup for saving and chaning passwords in 1Password X extension when extension detects that the password isn't available in 1Password already? Or do I have to save and change a password manually with the help of the icon in the password field?

    I ask because I used other password manager and there a popup comes up for saving and changing a password. 8-)

  • I have to correct myself. With the companion app extension in Vivaldi and Firefox I also don't get any popups for adding a password.

    What could be the problem? I tried with "Bitwarden", "Keeper" and "Dashlane" and here I got popups for adding new passwords into the vaults. :'(

    I think I need help...

  • DenalBDenalB
    edited February 16

    Today I tried the Beta Version of the Chrome extension (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/1password-beta-desktop-ap/phicbbndgmmpogmijjkbmdhpioaieaha/) in Vivaldi together with the Desktop App Beta 7.4.741-BETA. But still there is no popup for saving new passwords. :'(

  • Still no comment from Agilebits? 😟

    @Ben , can you help? Sorry for calling you directly but in the past you helped me many times.

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