Is there a best practice on how to conduct a User Access Review (UAR) in 1Password Business?

Hi 1Password Team!

Can you help me with the following challenge? I want to review all (vault) access we have provided to our users in 1Password Business, be it directly or via Group memberships. This is part of our regular User Access Review (UAR) cycle. Is there an easy or best practice way of doing this?

I noticed that there's no report on e.g. group memberships or access grants for vaults, which both would immensely easy this process. Currently I'm going through each vault and group individually to check access but this is quite tedious and gets complicated when access types provided are not straightforward, i.e. with individual rights settings.

Thanks in advance & best regards

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  • john_mjohn_m

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    Hi @MatthiasDanner, welcome to our forum :chuffed:

    Depending on how your account is structured, if you have more vaults than users and groups, it might be worthwhile doing things from a user/group perspective than a vault perspective. Instead of going through each vault in your account and examining which groups and users have access to it, go through the groups and users instead - when you examine these objects, you see what vaults and permissions they have, and it may be quicker to do things that way around.

    I hope that helps!

  • Hi @john_m, thanks for the answer!

    I'm aware of the option of coming from one side (vaults) or the other (users/groups) and I used both to conduct the UAR . But it's a lot of clicking and going back and forth, so I was hoping I just missed something like an access rights export that would list all vaults with their granted rights and and and esport for all users and the user/group memberships. Especially with the growing number of users and vaults we're expecting in the future, having this kind of structure overview would be helpful.

    Follow-up question: where can I file 1PW feature "requests" / suggestions? :-)

  • john_mjohn_m

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    No problem, @MatthiasDanner! Right now, that's the best way to go about pulling together that information. I'll provide your feedback about such a feature to our engineering teams on your behalf, for their future consideration - you can always ask about features in our forums here, or contact us via our support site (if you want to give details of your specific setup as a use-case for suggestions, for example):

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