Questions about multiple devices and vaults

I think I started using 1Password around version 3 and finally had to start a subscription. I am trying to update my devices and I see on my iPad I have 2 vaults (or 3). I have one with is my name, then under that a Personal and then one under iCloud which is Primary. On my Mac I have one that is my name and under that Personal. On my phone I only see Persona and nothing else.

On my iPad should I turn off the primary or is there a way to merge its data into Personal assuming they are different?

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  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Hi @dwilhelm99! Welcome to the forum!

    If all your data is already in your Personal vault, you can remove the old Primary vault. However, if you have data that exists only inside your Primary vault, make sure to move it to your 1Password account first, before you remove it.

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