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A family member who is using version 7 on their iPhone has forgotten their master password. However they can still access their vault by virtue of Touch ID. Is there a way to reset the master password or to export all the data? I’ve had a look but can’t seem to find a way.


  • If they are using a standalone vault only on the iPhone, you could get them to sign up for a 1password for families account, then settings -> advanced -> Migrate Data to Your Account. That should suck in all their stuff from their local vault into their 1Password for families account/vaults. After that (presuming you have the emergency kit and password for that account, I'd confirm that everything is there by signing in on a different device (computer/phone/etc) and then you could delete and reinstall 1password on their phone. Alternatively if you have 1password for Mac you could create a new standalone vault and sync it via dropbox, and move all their items one by one into that synced vault. That vault would have its own password -- so pretty much same deal as above -- once you're sure it's all there (confirming you can access it from a new/different device by knowing that vault's password), you could reset their iphone and then migrate or sync everything back.

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    Is there a way to reset the master password

    No there is not. The Master Password is known only to the person setting up 1Password. You could look inside their vault, they may have recorded it there. It never hurts to check.

    • Do not to turn off the phone, nor allow it to restart, doing so would require entering the Master Password. Keep it charged!

    As feat_ford mentioned, I would suggest signing up for an account, and migrate your data to the account. Once the data is safe with a new Master Password, you can decide on the best course of action. The membership is fully functional for 30 days should you wish to retain it. Thats not the concern at this point, get the data backed-up and safe!

  • Thank you both for your help!

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    Your welcome, and please be sure to protect the data. Please let us know if you need any assistance.

  • Hi, Today it was raining heavily and the touch-ID did not work so I needed to tap in my master password. I only use touch ID and forgot the password after creating it in 2013..... Now I can't enter. Is there a way to re-activate touch ID for signing in on my iPhone?

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    Hi @MosterLiz

    I'm sorry to hear the rain gave you trouble with Touch ID. The only way to activate Touch ID is by entering the correct Master Password. You have an unlimited number of attempts. Your Master Password is what is used in encrypting your data, so without it decryption is not possible. As an aside... to clarify: are you saying that since 2013 you've never had to enter your Master Password? That should not be the case.

    Please let us know. Thanks.


  • Thanks @Ben for a super fast answer!
    Its a good thing I have an unlimited number of attempts. I can then do it systematically.
    No no Ive had 1password since 2013 and I have used the master password until just couple of years ago when I got touch ID. But I forgot, even though Ive had the password for sooo long.... Thanks for a quick reply.

  • @Ben, is there a certain way the password must be created? i.e. does it have to have certain amount of characters and big or small letters and numbers?

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    is there a certain way the password must be created? i.e. does it have to have certain amount of characters and big or small letters and numbers?

    No, you were free to choose the password that you liked, with no limitations imposed by us.

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