Automatically enter passwords

I can not understand the algorithm of the program when selecting login. There is a domain and on it there are different services:

For some sub-domains automatically enters the correct password, and for some in the popup window asking you to choose a login to the domain. In the login I have the correct address subdomains. What's the problem?


  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    Using the Command-\ keyboard shortcut will fill and submit a Login without prompting if there is exactly one FQDN that matches the FQDN you are currently viewing.

    If you could provide the actual URLs you are using that could really help as examples don't always match up to the actual domains in terms of expected behavior.

    If you have EXACTLY ONE login per subdomain, what we call "single-stroke login" should work well. Just press Command-\ to log in.

    There is not a way to replicate this via the mouse since clicking the toolbar button necessarily shows the extension popup which lists all the available logins for the domain (not the FQDN).

    If you're still having trouble, please let me know some specifics of what URLs you have saved. what page you are viewing, what action you are taking, and what you are [not] seeing happen. With some additional information from you we can then provide you with specific assistance.

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