How is the 1Password company and employees preparing for the coronavirus? Curious.

Hopefully you all are working more from home!

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    Hi, thanks for asking.

    We are already a "mostly remote" company, so shifting to "everyone working from home" was something we announced internally on Tuesday (March 10), and so our two offices (Toronto, Ontario and St Thomas Ontario) have been shut starting on Wednesday the 11th. A few days earlier, we also canceled all "unnecessary travel".

    One of our goals in this to to help keep our communities safe. We want to slow down the spread so that healthcare services will be in a better position to cope when demand peaks.

    Obviously you should be listening to experts instead of me, but I believe that everyone is eventually going to be exposed. And it spreads in communities for quite some time prior to any detection. So what we can do now is to make an effort to reduce the ways in which it can spread so that we have a wider distribution over time of cases that require medical attention.

  • Yesterday they shared tips on how to work remote:

    Today they removed the 30-days trial limit for businesses:

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    Indeed, thank you for giving those links more visibility @XIII :+1:

  • Good to know! Thanks.

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  • Hi! We currently have a 30-day trial for our startup, which normally ends tomorrow. As our revenues shrink due to this virus, would it be possible to extend this trial to the six months that you offer? Or is it only for new subscriptions? Thank you very much for this announcement and your precious help!

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    tim :

    We will be happy to help if we can. Please reach out to our sales team at [email protected], so they can help you without sharing account information on a public forum ;)

  • Thank you!

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    You are welcome :)

    ref: EFK-79112-764

  • jmjmjmjm
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    @ag_ana and @jpgoldberg and other front line and behind the scenes support...I extra appreciate your efforts in these very difficult times. In such circumstances work for sure can get in the way of "life" and you must make choices. Your work on 1P has made my life easier and I think about you guys and gals every time I enter my MP! Thank you.

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Thank you for the kind words @jmjm, they mean a lot in such a challenging situation :+1:

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