How can I prevent the account admin from accessing data in a shared vault?

I am an admin of a family account. My brother and his wife have a shared vault that they use for passwords that only they should ever have access to. From what I can tell, I can just go add myself to their vault whenever I want and get access to their passwords. Isn't this a pretty glaring security flaw? The members of my family have no idea that I can just get access to their shared vaults whenever I want.

Is there something I am not understanding correctly?

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  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Hi @trentjones21! Welcome to the forum!

    An administrator can indeed do this in a Families account, like every other administrative action: after all, you have the power to even delete the account of your brother and his wife if you want, or even delete the Families account altogether. The idea is that in a Families account there should be a layer of trust among the users.

    If this behavior within a Families account is not acceptable to you, we recommend creating separate Families accounts, or Individual accounts if you want to even remove the sharing capabilities.

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