Auto-filling of passwords through browsers

What determines the auto-fill of user credentials for a website in a browser through 1Password X addon?

I see some websites for which the auto-fill works seamlessly. And I also noticed for some websites, I can see the 1Password icon next to username field, which, upon clicking yields no action.
Is the latter behavior due to restrictions the website has put on place?

If you need more details, please let me know.
Thanks in advance for your clarifications.

Best regards,

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  • YaronYaron

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    edited March 17

    Hey @harish_ravikumar .

    Some websites may prevent 1Password X from being able to display its inline menu due to various reasons, whether it is on purpose or by simply being poorly built. If you'd like, we can test things for you if you provide us with the URL of the website.

  • @Yaron Thanks for your feedback. It is a bank website (hdfc bank)

  • YaronYaron

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    Thanks for the URL @harish_ravikumar .

    The website indeed prevents 1Password X's inline menu from popping up, but you can still autofill the website if you create a login manually:
    1. Click the 1Password X icon on the top right corner of your browser to open it.
    2. Click the big "+" Plus icon on the top right corner and select "Login" from the list to create a new login.
    3. Give it a name, then put in your username and password.
    4. In the website URL field, put in
    5. Click save on the bottom right and close the page.
    6. Go to , then click the 1Password X icon on the top right corner and click on "Autofill".

    That should autofill both fields for you. It's an extra click to autofill but it works :)

  • Hello @Yaron Many thanks for the follow-up.

    Yes, I have been using the auto-fill option for this website by clicking the auto-fill icon from the addon(step 6) for this website. This works for both username and password fields. No issues with that.

    Anyways, thanks for confirming that the restriction of auto-fill drop down is due to website only and not related to the addon itself.

    Have a good day!


  • YaronYaron

    Team Member

    Glad to hear it :)
    Thanks for confirming. Hopefully in the future we will be able to improve 1Password's abilities on our side even if websites make things difficult :pirate:

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