Additional cost for guest user above 20?

"1Password Business includes 20 guests. You can invite more guests for an additional cost." I would like to know how much for each additional guest above 20? Also, a quick question, if we offload an employee in the middle of the annual license we bought for that employee, will we get refund for the part we didn't use or the credit will be applied to our next new hire when we onboard them in 1PW?

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  • duncan_1Pduncan_1P

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    Hi @Xin

    Every guest you add in addition to the 20 which are included with 1Password Business will be charged at the normal per-user rate for 1Password Business.

    If you're billed annually and remove a user you'll receive a credit for the unused time you paid for. This credit will be used automatically if you add a new user, or for your annual renewal (whichever comes first). Let me know if you have any other questions!


  • This is helpful! Thank you!

  • duncan_1Pduncan_1P

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    Happy to help @Xin. Have a good week.

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