Can the Tangerine login be created using 1PX?

Doing a search I have seen a few threads for the Canadian online bank But each one seems to approach the creation of the login in different ways...not always successfully. I need some clarification.

The login for this site spans 3 pages with the second page consisting of one of 3 possible "Secret Questions".

I use exclusively 1PX (although I do have installed the Windows Application; but not the companion app extension)

  • first comes Client Number, Card Number or Username (
  • submitting correctly my Client # then gets me to "Your Secret Question" page (which can be one of three questions)(will this require the use of a....Custom Field(s)?)
  • and finally one is taken to the 3rd and last page of the login i.e. "Your PIN"

Can all that I have described for this bank login be established using 1PX or will I need to install the WIndows companion app? :(
When you have time could you outline the steps so that I can have this login created in....1PX/1P?

1Password Version: 7.4.759
Extension Version: 1.18 X
OS Version: Windows 10
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • kaitlynkaitlyn

    Team Member

    Hi @jmjm! It's good to hear from you again. :)

    I am seeing that you've reported an issue with in the past – you can find your older thread here. Cecelia filed an issue with our developers in regards to the inline menu not appearing in the username field. They've been working on a fix, and it should make its way to production soon. That said, I don't have an exact date for the release. I would agree with Cecelia, and save an item from the PIN field. To reiterate, here are the steps:

    1. Navigate to
    2. Populate the username field.
    3. Click Log Me In to navigate to the PIN page.
    4. Populate the PIN field.
    5. Click Save in 1Password underneath the PIN field.
    6. Click Save.
    7. Click the 1Password icon in your browser toolbar to open the pop-up.
    8. If the username isn't saved, click the Edit button under your new item and add the username manually.

    As far as the security questions go, I'm wondering if you're required to answer one of the three secret questions every time you sign in. For other websites, I typically see the secret question required when setting up a new browser, but not necessarily every time you sign in. I generally save my security questions as additional sections in my 1Password item. That said, I'm not sure how 1Password would detect which of the three security questions is being asked. Luckily, when you click the 1Password icon in your browser, your Tangerine item should already be suggested at the top. It'll be as easy as clicking and dragging the proper answer to the security question field.

    Once everything is saved properly, you'll need to fill using the 1Password X pop-up since the icon isn't available in the username field. Again, that's been reported and the fix is in the works, but I wanted to point that extra step out for the time being.

    Let me know if you have any questions. I'm here for you!

    ref: dev/core/core#666

  • jmjmjmjm
    edited March 27

    I will try again.

  • jmjmjmjm
    edited March 27

    @kaitlyn and @cecelia I did work it out for (including setting up, for the first time, security questions (3 of them)...nice there is drag and drop for security questions ie a bit easier than a copy and paste). Thanks both of you.

    Two issues that aren't optimal. Maybe you can suggest something better for the second concern.

    First as we know that 1PX inline menu is not appearing in the username field. Knowing this I can work around it.

    But second and a bit disconcerting is that after successfully entering the USERNAME via 1PX one as expected is taken to the second page of the login which is one of the three "Secret Questions". But 1PX has automatically filled this in with the PIN (which is needed on the 3rd page).

    So I delete the inappropriately place PIN and then do a drag and drop for the appropriate 1 of 3 "Secret Questions". (And then I get to the PIN page where 1PX can enter it just fine).

    Is there something I could do so that 1PX doesn't automatically enter the PIN in the "Secret Questions" page?
    (Is there underlying coding that distinguishes password from a PIN box? I ask as the PIN is in the password section of the login for Tangerine entry in 1P if that makes a difference.)

  • kaitlynkaitlyn

    Team Member

    @jmjm – I'm glad drag and drop came in handy here. It's a great feature, even though I don't utilize it very often.

    The first issue should actually be resolved in an upcoming release (thanks to you reporting it to us). It's something that we're working on internally, but the fix hasn't made it to a production release quite yet.

    Could you right click on the secret question field and select Inspect? I'd like to take a look at the code to see if that gives me any ideas. Out of curiosity, are you asked to enter a secret question every time you sign in, or only every so often?

  • I'd like to take a look at the code to see if that gives me any ideas.

    Which part do you want me to Prt Sc as there is so much code ie "Elements" or "Console" or ..... OR "Styles" or "Event Listeners" or ......

    Out of curiosity, are you asked to enter a secret question every time you sign in, or only every so often?

    You can choose to select not but this bank site offers no (other) form of 2FA so I choose to have a SQ presented each time. It doesnt bother me to drag and drop (or copy and paste) but it is bothersome to have to remove the 1PX inserted PIN from the SQ field.

  • kaitlynkaitlyn

    Team Member

    @jmjm – My bad, I should have clarified that. When you right-click the field and select Inspect, I'd like to see the code that pops up. It should open up to Elements with the HTML for the field already highlighted. You can send me a screenshot of the entire page, as long as it doesn't reveal any personal info.

    Ah, that makes sense. Thanks for sharing your use case with me.

  • _ I'd like to see the code that pops up._

    The SQ "box" is positioned on the left side of the screen/page and the the code that shows up is all on the right side and under "Elements" there is too much to capture ie so many lines. Maybe I am not understanding...sorry @kaitlyn.

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Can you perhaps post a screenshot of the entire page?

  • I must be missing something as a screen shot of the whole page would only capture just a small part of what is in the Element section. (One can get more only by scrolling through it down the right side).

  • kaitlynkaitlyn

    Team Member
    edited 7:03PM

    @jmjm – This is what I'm looking for (except for the secret question page):

    The code I'm looking for is highlighted automatically since I right clicked on the username field and selected Inspect.

    Since yours will be on the secret question page, you're welcome to leave the secret question out of the screenshot or block it out after the screenshot is taken.

  • jmjmjmjm
    edited 7:37PM

    Thanks for "sticking" with this @kaitlyn.

    Can you see enough in this clip?

    (Open the image in a new tab and you will be able to more easily zoom in.)

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