Support will continue for 1Password 3 for iOS

I've purchased the app 1 hour ago and now it seems that the app is declared obsolete, will not be updated and I'd have to buy a new one in the next days or maybe weeks?

I've perused the forum as best as I could but official answers if there some are confusing at best.

So, please can there be a clear statement and an answer of what my options are regarding my - so it seems - big mistake in purchasing this app.

thank you


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    Welcome to the forums, kinsast! Thanks for taking the time to contact us. A lot of folks seem to be posting incorrect information in App Store reviews. Here is the clear statement we already wrote in the newsletter we sent out before the current apps even went on sale:

    1Password 4 Coming Soon

    1Password 4 for iOS will be available in the App Store as an entirely new universal app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It will cost $17.99 and require iOS 6.

    To give thanks to all our incredible customers, we will have an introductory upgrade price of $7.99. This special will allow you to save over 50% when migrating to the new app.

    I will let you know when 1Password 4 is available — Stay tuned!

    1Password 3 Lives On

    When the new 1Password is released, we will remove the existing 1Password 3 for iOS apps from sale in the App Store.

    1Password 3 will continue to be supported and purchasers will be able to download it from their Purchases section in the App Store.

    In addition to continued support, 1Password 3 can sync its data with the new 1Password. This allows you to have access to all your data, even on devices that cannot be upgraded to iOS 6.

    Additionally, I want to point out that the current iOS v3 sale price plus the iOS v4 sale price equals the regular v4 price, so you are not paying a penny more than the regular v4 price if you decide to purchase v4 when it comes out.

    If we can be of further assistance, please let us know. We are always here to help!
  • Well, thank you for your clear and quick answer. It would be of help though if this was also stated at the iTunes store page.
    Tx again!
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    Thanks for the feedback! I'll see about updating the App Store description.

    Enjoy your weekend. :)
  • Keep up the great work! Looking forward to the new app.
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    Welcome to the forums, Urda, and thanks for your encouragement! :)
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