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Many times I use 1Password X to create logins on some pages that it cannot recognize properly. Sometimes for other reasons I generate my login credentials 100% inside 1Password (desktop or other) before I use them through 1Password X in my browser. Other times it might be a credential that can be used in different websites (think a platform that has different "products" where the user share the same credentials, creating multiple login entries for this seems clumsy).

This makes it very frustrating to have the ease of clicking on the 1Password icon of a login form and having a suggestion for a 1-click login experience. The system fails to suggest the right login, which makes the experience awful. Often I have to open activate the extension through its shortcut, manually search for the login and copy & paste the details.

When I'm faced with a login form that 1Password X cannot suggest a login form, I would love to be able to click on that little icon, search through all my login, pick one and tell 1Password: whenever on this page, use this login.

This is the ONLY breaking experience I have with 1Password X at the moment. Would be very excited for a fix.

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  • nickmcguirenickmcguire

    Team Member

    Hey @douglascamata,

    Thank you so much for the feedback! It's definitely an interesting idea because of course you should be able to fill as quickly and easily as possible.

    For the sites you're having troubles with, firstly I'd love to know them so that we can get them fixed! Secondly for the logins you created, do you have the URL of the site associated with the login? Doing this should have it be suggested in the 1Password pop-up so you can fill directly from there. And for sites that share a login, associating all URLs with that login will have the item suggested for all of them.

    Hopefully doing that helps to make the experience better for the sites where we don't appear in the page automatically.

  • Hey @nickmcguire,

    Thanks for the reply and for being able to synthesise some information from all my typos, OMG. I didn't pay enough attention to the writing.

    I don't have a list of websites where it doesn't work well, but I'll try to pay more attention to this and have some notes.

    I'll try to suggestion of adding the URL to the logins. It's though exactly the process I believe should be improved. There are too many steps: copy the URL, find the login in 1PX, press edit, wait for the web page to load, edit it, save, come back to the initial page. With a button directly in the login item in the 1PX window to "link login to current page" would be amaaaaazing.

  • kaitlynkaitlyn

    Team Member

    @douglascamata – Sorry for the confusion! 1Password X will add URLs for you automatically whenever you save items. Nick just wanted to make sure the items you're referring to contained URLs. If they were created using the 1Password X inline menu, then it should always include a URL.

    Thanks again for the feedback. We really appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us. :)

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