after closing my browser on my PC, I have to enter secret key every time I log on. Why?

I created an account today. When I go to on my browser on my PC, it makes me enter the secret key every time. I thought once a device was registered, you only had to do that one time?

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Referrer: forum-search:after closing my browser on my PC, I have to enter secret key every time I log on. Why?


  • I now have realized that I can click CTRL \ and the secret key is automatically filled in. A few questions:

    1. Does this mean that Google Chrome is saving my secret key? Is that safe? I thought the whole point of the secret key was that only I had the printout of it?

    2. When I type CTRL \ and the secret key is filled in, it all appears, not just ****************. Is that safe?

    3. In the window 1Password app, when I look at my account and click "Show Web Form details", I see my full secret key. Again, is this safe? I don't understand why it appears there.

  • So should be saving your session when you quit, so are you clearing cookies on quit?

    but to answer 1/2/3, it sounds like you're using the regular connected 1Password (as in it connects to the desktop app, rather than 1Password X) extension for Chrome.

    1. Chrome is not saving your secret key, because 1Password is.
      1a. Your secret key is saved by 1Password, yes, but it's secured behind your master password, and your secret key. It's like keeping a spare key to a safe that uses both a PIN and a physical key inside the safe. The only way someone could get at the secret key is if they have access to your 1Password data unlocked, in which case your secret key isn't really that appetizing compared to all your other passwords.
    2. Yes
    3. I'm a bit rusty on what is decrypted when when it comes to items being displayed, but again if a malicious actor got access to your unlocked 1Password application, their first thought isn't going to be to go peep your secret key.
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    Hi @adelery! Welcome to the forum!

    pittn is spot on here. From what you wrote, I think you have configured your browser not to save cookies, or to remove them upon quitting. This would explain why you have to enter your information every time.

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