Feature Request: Support for other cloud drives than Dropbox, e.g. Clous Station, ownCloud

Hi there,

1Password for Mac is able to store the agilekeychain in any path, which allows it to be store on another cloud drive than Dropbox.
Personally I would like to migrate away from Dropbox for syncing the agilekeychain.
I prefer to use my own server.

Many people have own servers, e.g. Synology DSM provides with Cloud Station a very similar sevice as Dropbox, but it is controlled by yourself on your own NAS, not by some company where you dont know how trustworthy it is, what law is applies to your data and if they are competent.

While 1Password for Mac (and probably for Windows too) supports this out of the box, 1Password for iOS does not!
Hence, if you want your agilekeychain to sync across all of your devices, all 1Password clients would need to support this.

I strongly advocate the implementation of 1Password for iOS (which I use, but as well Android and WinMobile should be considered) to support:
-agilekeychain on Cloud Station (Synology) (which I use)
(QNAP NAS probably has something similar, I have not investigated)
-agilekeychain on ownCloud

Thank you for considering this proposal, please let me know if something is already in the pipline or you are putting it on your roadmap.



  • I'd like this as well. Khad, unfortunately everything agilebits is exploring suffers from exactly the same problem as DropBox. Trust and varying data access laws. I own both 1password for iOS and 1Password on my Mac. I too use Cloud Station (Synology), but could just as easily use webdav or anything that is an OPEN standard.
    Joseph Elwell.

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Hi Joseph,

    We tried webdav before, it doesn't work too well for 1Password. Remember that in order for any standards to work, there must be official implementation available on iOS/OS X first and hopefully with other platforms supported as well. WebDav isn't built into iOS and justin said, it means we must build it into all of our 1Password apps and that has its own cons and pros. When we tested it, it had far more cons than pros and it was also very slow to use.

    Syncing is very complex and consumes a lot of resources to support. Right now, Dropbox's the best solution for us but we do plan to expand further. Each evolution of 1Password comes with more modularity to its system that may make it more flexible to support other sync solutions that work differently.

    Right now, we're working heavily on a USB sync tool that'll use Apple's transfer protocols, which bypasses any cloud services and will work as a local sync solution for 1Password for now.

    As more apps continues to move forward to syncing, more work is being done to make all sync solutions more flexible and in time, fit for our own needs.

    Cloud Station requires that their own apps are installed before you can sync your data and they do not provide their own APIs. Because of this, Cloud Station cannot be used with 1Password for iOS.

  • USB Sync sounds great! Thanks for the update. I will contact Synology and point out that they need better API support.
    Joseph Elwell.

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Hi Joseph,

    You're welcome. Stay tuned to our blog to get updates on the USB Sync progress.

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Hi @jelwell,

    The USB Sync tool is ready as a public beta here

  • frameframe
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    regarding Owncloud: It's open source, and I'd love to help build a bridge between 1Password and Owncloud. Is there a summary or "checklist" available how an API should ideally work for 1Password?

  • Hi,
    I 1Password for Mac, iOS and Windows and i realy love these Apps.
    I Use a Mac Pro as an private Server, and would like to use OwnCloud as my private Cloud System.
    Would be nice if you could integrate Owncloud Support to all of your 1Password Apps

  • Hello Mike T

    I just bought the ios version for my new iphone5. I have the same configuration as Justincase hase. Synology cloud station, windows and android.
    Now I find out that it is not supported for ios.
    I should have researched better to check compatibility, but I assumed it to be identical to windows, osx and android.
    What can I do to get it working with my iphone also.

  • Hello,

    I am from https://storage-base.de and we want to provide "Private Cloud"-Solutions. Main part of it is ownCloud with file storage, calendar and addressbooks and because of the fact, that it is necessary to have your keychain always available, we want our user to put their keys in their own private cloud and not on dropbox or anywhere, where the NSA etc. is reading their data. Therefore the support of ownCloud is necessary in the mobile 1Password apps.

    Also I personal want this feature and only will upgrade to a new 1Password app, when it supports also ownCloud.

    THX for your attention.

  • pauLeepauLee Junior Member

    ownCloud would be a nice syncing destination.

  • ownCloud would be great! I would love to have all of my data in my own control!

  • pauLeepauLee Junior Member

    Yes, for me it´s also the next feature number one: ownCloud support!

  • +1
    I would also like to use owncloud.

  • +1 another vote for ownCloud. That would be awesome.

    Nothing against DropBox. I'm a (somewhat) happy paying customer.

    But in this time and day I would feel better using ownCloud, SCP or a similar solution for certain things.

  • +1 ownCloud°!

  • I would also prefer to use owncloud. Owncloud has clients for all the major desktop and mobile operating systems.

  • In the light of recent NSA spying scandals I too have moved away from Dropbox to ownCloud in order to keep data from US based cloud services as much as possible. I own both 1Password for iOS and Mac and use those every day. Native ownCloud sync support would be most excellent addition to this already very usefull application suite.

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