1Password 7.4.763 Beta 2 for Windows is out

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Hey guys, hope you're staying safe!

We're continuing to focus on polishing and improving 1Password 7.4 based on reports from our customers.

7.4.763-BETA 2 on 2020-03-31

[IMPROVED] Updated to the latest version of 1Password Brain for filling and saving improvements.
[IMPROVED] 1Password now shows a "Do you want to install 1Password?" dialog when running the setup file directly. {OPW-4638}
[FIXED] New vaults created from within 1Password for Android app would not show up in 1Password for Windows app and could cause the sync to stop working. {OPW-4635}
[FIXED] Invalid digits configured for One Time Password fields can cause 1Password to crash. {Core-1193}
[FIXED] 1Password mini may lose focus when switching between monitors. {OPW-4640}

7.4.761-BETA 1 on 2020-03-30

[IMPROVED] 1Password will now throttle the proxy authentication dialogs if it was cancelled by the user. {OPW-4608}
[IMPROVED] 1Password now alert and offer to retry when uninstalling 1Password fails due to its folder being in use by another process. {OPW-4605}
[IMPROVED] Improved and simplified our installation error dialog with a Learn More button to help with specific installation issues. {OPW-4625}
[FIXED] Adding a separate 1Password membership with the same email and sign-in address as the ones that are already signed-in would prevent 1Password from adding the new account. {OPW-3842}
[FIXED] On certain computers where batch files are restricted by policy or blocked by security programs, 1Password would not be able to finish its uninstall; 1Password will help the user delete the folder manually. {OPW-4603}
[FIXED] 1Password didn't update the local master password after authenticating the first account with an updated password. {OPW-4606}
[FIXED] Certain time periods configured for One Time Password fields would crash the app due to invalid animations. {OPW-4620}
[FIXED] It wasn't possible to move or copy items into vaults with no import permission but the vaults did have the create item permission. {OPW-4573}
[FIXED] Import dialog didn't gray out the vaults that didn't have proper import permission. {OPW-4573}
[FIXED] Removed all checks for the old 1Password 6 versions before installing. {OPW-4615}
[FIXED] After signing in to 1Password account with an existing standalone vault, the migration / transfer view didn't get focused on top properly. {OPW-4624}

Direct link for 7.4.763


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    Bump, we've just opened up 7.4.763 Beta 2 now.

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