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I just upgraded to 1PW 3.9 and have a question I hope wasn't covered elsewhere (although I did search the topic).

The Vanguard investment site requires I put in a user name on a separate page before giving me the password page. I think that's throwing this version, because now I can't sign in with 1PW without coping and pasting the user name (or manually typing it in), nor can I on the password page without the same copy/paste routine.

Any work around, other than copy/paste?

I should mention that using 1PW to attemtp the signin results in a "wrong user name/password" error, but copying and pasting does not.


  • Just an FYI that I use 1P with Vanguard with no problems. Tap once on browser extension fills name, then once next page loads another tap fills in the rest. No errors.
  • Paco II wrote:

    Just an FYI that I use 1P with Vanguard with no problems. Tap once on browser extension fills name, then once next page loads another tap fills in the rest. No errors.

    Thanks, Paco II. It doesn't work like that for me, not anymore. Since upgrading to 3.9, I have to do the cut and paste method, lest I get that ""wrong user name/password" error.
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    I've been trying to get past the first page using a dummy account like "demo", "sample", "test", etc. but none of them seem to get me to the password page.

    What I do for pretty much every other site like this, though, is this:

    1. Enter your username on the first page, but DO NOT submit the form.
    2. Click the 1Password button in your browser's toolbar, and select the "+" button in the upper right hand corner.
    3. Change the title and make any notes (if desired).
    4. Enter your password for the site in the password field before saving the Login.
    5. Step 4 is crucial, so I'll repeat it: Enter your password for the site in the password field before saving the Login.
    6. Click the Save button in the upper right hand corner.

    Manually saving a login can be useful for logins that are either problematic to begin with or were once working but have since stopped. Doing this allows 1Password to refresh everything it "knows" about the page. Login pages often change as websites are updated and this can be a necessary but very useful tip. :)

    Adding your password manually in the password field work on the majority of sites with a two-step Login process. I can't think of one offhand where this procedure has not worked.

    You just need to press Command-\ on each page of the login process, once to fill the username on the first page and then again to fill your password on the second page.

    I hope that helps. Please let me know.
  • Thanks khad. I did learn something. I tried your method and it produced the same results as before; that is, when I attempted to log on to the username page, it gave me a "wrong username" error. This is before page two where I would enter my password even comes up. But, I finally reset the autosubmit selection to "never," and now I can manually submit the username, then the password, and successfully log on. Worth noting that with version 3.8, the autosumit was selected and the pages automatically advanced through the password page and ultimately into the web site, although I did have to manually select the 1PW signin for each page.

    Thanks for the help. It's all good now.
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    The autosubmit is ever-so-slightly different between 3.8 and 3.9 due to a restriction on a specific API in the App Store, so it sounds like you found one site where the difference presents itself. Disabling autosubmit can help on certain sites, and I'm glad it helped in this case. :D
  • A quick follow-up to my previous post: This no longer works for me either. It appears Vanguard has made some changes to their site, including login, which have 'broken' 1P's autosubmit capability. However, you can get halfway there, depending upon where you start your login. For example, if you start here:

    autosubmit won't work, but it will fill in the username correctly, and when you get to the password page, autosubmit will work.
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    Thank you for the update. Sites change often, and sometimes — especially on financial sites — some of the "tricks" they use which they think provide more security really just annoy those of us who use 1Password for real security.

    It sounds like it is the same thing that happens on the Bank of America site. Fill but not submit on first page, but then fill and submit on second. We'll keep working to see if we can resolve this on our end, but sometimes there are things the sites do which cannot be worked around. Hopefully the current situation will hold up in the mean time.
  • Manually submitting a login is a small price to pay to keep using a great program like 1PW.
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    Thanks for saying so, kagy! :)
  • FYI - after the passing of many months since I started this topic, for some inexplicable reason I reset the "submit" button on 1PW to "if auto-submit is on" for the Vanguard website. I started experiencing erratic log-on problems, then remembered my earlier troubles and de-activated the auto-submit. Once again, I'm trouble free, except for having to submit the username and password manually.

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    Unfortunately, they do not like the automatic submission without human intervention. We hope to find a different way to handle this in the future.

    Thanks for updating us on this.

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