Is a stand alone purchase of 1Password 7 for Mac this possible?



  • @ag_ana I understand that, but given that OSX gets a major update every 12 months and Safari is tied to specific versions it makes old versions of software obsolete much faster. I’m still using 1password 6, but on computers that have been upgraded to the latest OS the browser extension no longer works. I tried using Opera, but it seems like the browser extension for 1password 6 doesn’t support current versions of Opera. I can upgrade to 1password 7, but when 1password 8 comes out the clock will be ticking before I have to pay to upgrade again (assuming you even offer licenses for it). The price for a license is significant enough that I don’t want to get caught at the tail end of an aging version. I’m trying out other password managers, but would still be open to giving 1password another version if some of these issues (price and upgrade timetable) were satisfied.

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    I encourage you to reach out to our sales team at [email protected], so they can help you assess your situation.

  • The writing is on the wall. Standalone is a dead or dying. I have no issue with membership. My only wish would be that your company would be transparent. It seems odd to say "we do not recommend standalone licenses" when you are selling them. This is a mixed message that is creating confusion for your customers. Please put standalone out of its misery so that everyone can see the path ahead clearly. I cannot understand why you sell something you do not recommend.

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    We believe that Memberships are the best option in most cases, so that's the one we recommend. We still have license available for those who really want them though, and think that it's the best option for them. This way we can make everyone happy :)

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