Preventing Local User From Seeing Personal Account

I am in the process of switching from LastPass to 1Password. Under LastPass, if my company reset my company password it would automatically unlink my personal account so even if they were able to get access to my local computer or tried to reset my LastPass password they would not be able to get access to my personal account. When logged in though, I had access to both accounts. Does something such as this exist in 1Password?

As best I can tell, my options are:
Use the Mac app and add both my personal and company accounts to the app. This gives me access to all of my passwords, but if a rogue company admin reset my password on my computer and my 1Password password they could log in and get access to all of my passwords.


Use 1Password X. If I am in my company account and want access to my personal passwords, log out of my company account and into my personal account. When I am done, log out of my personal account and back into my company account. Not only do I not get access to all of my passwords at once, but I also lose the ability to use fingerprint login.

I am hoping for a better solution. Am I missing something? Thanks!

1Password Version: 7.4.3
Extension Version:
OS Version: OS X 10.14.6
Sync Type: 1Password
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    Hi @quizwedge, welcome to our forum! :chuffed:

    Our 1Password apps for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android ask for just one Master Password to unlock, regardless of how many account memberships you add to the app. The Master Password you're asked for is the Master Password of the first account added to the app. So for example, let's say you're a member of two 1Password accounts - a personal account, and your work account. If you add your personal account to the app first, and then add your work account afterwards, then the app will unlock with the Master Password set for your personal account. If the Master Password set for your work membership is changed, the app on that device will still ask for the Master Password set for your personal account.

    So if you're concerned about the situation you mentioned, I'd suggest adding your personal accounts to the apps first, followed by your work account. If you've already set up your apps with the work account first, add your personal membership (if you haven't already done so:, then sign-out of your work membership in the app's preferences (make sure you have a record of your sign-in details first!). This will make your personal account the new "first" account, and the app will unlock with that Master Password. You can then add your work account back to the app again.

    I hope that helps! :+1:

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