Updating 1Password and .NET version

Hello, when i attempt to update my 1Password app version, it says .net V4.7.2 is required. This is a work computer, so had my IT team ensure i was updated on my .NET version. I watched them install v4.8 yesterday.

Unfortunately 1 password still will not update, giving me the same error about v4.7.2. Is this a known issue with your installer not recognizing later .net versions? something else you know of?

I will have to uninstall your software soon if i don't get this resolved, as the 1password error pops up very frequently, annoyingly frequent. (might want to settle down on the notification frequency there)

1Password Version: 7.3.712
Extension Version:
OS Version: WIN 10
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • bundtkatebundtkate

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    1Password will use the latest installed .NET version, @tstraus, so it'll be perfectly happy with 4.8. In fact, it prefers 4.8, but anything 4.7.2 or later will do. All the installer does is look at your Windows registry for your .NET version (or versions, most commonly – most of us end up with far more than one along the way) to make sure there's one that's new enough. All that this dialogue is telling us for sure is that the registry entries for that newly installed 4.8 aren't there. What you can do will really depend on what you're allowed to on this PC. Running the .NET repair tool might help:


    Alternatively, you could bring this information to IT and ask them to double-check your 4.8 install. We find your .NET version as per this guide:


    They could use this same process to look for the .NET they installed and make sure it's properly configured in the registry.

    If none of this is practical for you, you could uninstall your desktop app and try 1Password X instead:


    1Password X doesn't care one bit about .NET, but it does live exclusively in your browser so whether or not it's a viable alternative of this PC will depend on exactly how you use 1Password. You can learn all about at the link above. :+1:

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