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On the Mac, my workflow for signing up to a new site is invoking the Safari Extension, going to Generate Passwords, copying the offered random password, and choosing Fill. Then, if the site automatically logs me in after that, I log back out, and when I log back in (pasting that password from my clipboard), that's when I have the 1P extension save the Login. So, with each new site, I have two new entries, one in Generated Passwords and another in Logins.

On iOS (specifically iPhone for me), this seems a bit different. If I'm in another app, and need to use 1P to generate me a password, I could not seem to find the ability to just create a new Generated Password. Rather, I had to create a (website?) Login, and the generator seems built into that. In the end, the result is now just one 1P Login, which has a Generated Password attached.

Am I correct in understanding both workflows? Is that the recommended methodology?


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    Hi Jay,

    Yes, that's accurate for now. We do plan to simplify it further in the future as we have a lot of stuff planned in that area.

    In the past, 1Password 3 for iOS would let you generate a password and store it as a "Generated Password item". We're hearing from people here that they want the same thing in 1Password 4, where you just go to the Generated Password category, add a new item in there to just store the password. We're listening and might do that.

    In the current 1Password 4 world, accounts for apps are considered the same as Logins, so creating a new Login item in 1Password 4 for an app is accurate for now. Some users can embed a custom URL scheme into the website field to open the apps directly if they have such URL scheme like facebook://.

    I hope that helps, please let me know if you have more questions about this.

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