'+' not working in Firefox (v16.0.2)

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I am running Firefox 1Password Extension v3.9.9 and I find that while on certain sites (e.g. https://quicken.intu...ecure/login.jsp), I am unable to use the manual procedure to save a login on the Quicken Account Login.

Per your User Guide, the steps I am following are:
  1. Enter in login data (name/password)
  2. Activate 1Password Tool
  3. Click on the '+' button in the upper right-hand corner of the popup dialog

I checking the forum, I see that this is not a new issue (e.g. see http://forum.agilebi...h__1#entry41445 reported against the Firefox 1Password Extension v3.81.).

This procedure has worked for a number of other websites, so I am guessing that there is some interaction between the Quicken Site and your utility.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the utility with no change in behavior, so the purpose of this communication is to advise you of this particular site's incompatibility.

If I can provide any further information, please let me know.




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    Welcome to the forums, AJ! Thanks for the URL. I'm not able to reproduce the problem here.

    The first thing I would recommend is updating to the current version of Firefox which is Firefox 17.0.

    Here is what I did in Firefox 17.0 with the 1Password Firefox extension 3.9.9 installed:

    1. Entered (in my case fake) credentials on the login page, but DID NOT submit the form.
    2. Clicked the 1Password button in Chrome's toolbar, and selected the `+` button in the upper right hand corner. Here you can change the title and make any notes (if desired).
    3. Clicked the `Save` button in the upper right hand corner.

    Using the above technique I was able to save and fill a sample login at:


    Could you try restarting Firefox and see if you are able to reproduce the problem still?

    If you're still having trouble, please try creating a fresh Firefox profile with only the 1Password extension installed. Does the issue persist in the fresh profile? Please follow these instructions to create a new Firefox profile:


    (I should also mention that the other thread to which you linked was for a very old version of the extension where the issue was that the `+` button was completely broken. It is not related to any current issue you may be having on a specific site.)

    Please let me know how it goes.
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