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Currently the logins section displays the email address associated with so many of them.

I would like the ability to set a custom field to display rather than the login show my email.

Ex "tommy" vs tommy at example.com

I tried adding a few fields etc but nothing worked. We made the change to software to show version numbers. Could we get a dedicated name field. 1p3 you guys stopped adding the name to the login details. I assume due to encryption etc. but I feel similar about having my phone or iPad open and people being able to see the email associated with the account. Knowing the login is 1/2 the battle. Now of course if you use a fantastic password your safe. But so many site I still have limit the password to 6 characters.

I would like it from a safety standpoint. And also from an aesthetic standpoint.

I would rather see



[email protected]

Any takers on the idea.


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    Hi Tommy,

    I feel the same as you do, I'll ask and we'll see how the team will consider it.

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