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I am part of a team using a shared vault. I have full access. I cannot determine how to add a new team member. I have no side bar option of Invitations as mentioned in 1password information portal. Please advise how I can add another member, thank you!

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  • ag_tylerag_tyler

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    Hey @DancingEros! If you're not seeing the ability to invite a new person to your account it sounds like you might be a "Team member". Team members are the default group when you're added to a 1Password Teams or Business account so if you'd like to be able to invite others to the account you'll need to be added to the Administrators group first.

    Just for reference - here are the default groups we provide you:

    Team member: Default group - can create individual vaults.
    Administrator: Can add and manage vaults, groups, and team members. They can also recover accounts.
    Owner: Owners can do everything Administrators can, plus make changes to billing and delete the team.

    To be added to the Administrators group I'd recommend reaching out to the person who invited you to join the account so they can sign into and select the Groups option in the sidebar to the right to add you.

    I hope that helps :smile:

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