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Again, I've a problem still appearing in each beta. I've an error in my Dropbox sync and it blocks my sync on iCloud. I have to stop Dropbox to sync (and When I deactivate the sync it still go on)

I put the log, hope it'll help
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    Hi So6,

    It looks like you're getting 401 errors from Dropbox, which means that the authentication has been revoked or you have a security token that have expired. 1Password should've mention that you need to re-authenticate the app

    After turning off and on the Dropbox sync (which would re-authenticate the app), did it work successfully?

    However, even with this error in Dropbox, it shouldn't block iCloud. Did you see an error on iCloud or it was syncing but the changes you made didn't carry over to other devices?

    Please let me know.

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