Access to employee private vault by Team's owner

Hello, I think I already know the answer to question but would appreciate confirmation... in a Teams account, there is no way for a Team's owner to access a team member's private vault, correct? I am our team's owner. We recently had an employee leave and I've been asked to check their private vault, but I don't believe this is possible without getting the ex-employee to grant me access. Can someone just confirm 100% that's the case? Thanks!

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  • ag_tylerag_tyler

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    Hey @glpf - that's a great question to ask and a very important one at that. The Private vault that a Team member has access to can only be seen by them - Owners and Administrators do not have access to it. In your case for the employee who left the account are they currently active on the account, deleted or suspended?

    Deleting a user is a permanent action so when you delete their user account their Private vault is also deleted. Just let me know what status their account is in and we can take it from there.


  • glpfglpf
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    Hi @ag_tyler , thanks for the reply. They are suspended. We haven't deleted their account yet.

  • ag_tylerag_tyler

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    In that case, @glpf I'd recommend adjusting their permissions to what vaults they can access (so they no longer have the ability to view data they don't need). Once you have their access locked down to just their Private vault, you can reactive them by going to People (at -> click on their name -> select "Reactivate".

    Once their user account is reactivated, you can let them know and they'll be able to access their Private vault. Then, once they have exported the data from their Private vault you can delete the user's account. Just remember that deleting a user is a permanent action and will delete all data inside their Private vault.

    I hope that helps and that you're off to a wonderful start to your week :smile:

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