How to best keep my master password safe?

Hello! I'm looking for some practical solution and tips.

I did print the recovery page, wrote on it the master password, but my kid was about to throw it out. Since that's the only copy I have, I was really close to losing my ENTIRE life on the web.

Can I have some practical tips to keeping the master password secure?

I contacted your support via email with this question, but they replied to me that a good strategy was uploading everything to dropbox, iCloud and google drive. Is this a bad strategy, and why is it bad?


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    @ micio

    I use a three tier approach. This dates back to my days as a youth and going rock climbing. When placing protection you always use a three step process or three anchor spots.

    1. Local storage for immediate need, such as a fireproof safe.
    2. Off site at a relatives, if something happens to the house.
    3. Off site in a Bank Safe Deposit box with all of my estate planning material. Last resort.
    4. If all of the above fail. I don't think I will be needing my Emergency Kit.
  • Great suggestions, thanks. Have a nice weekend.

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    You're welcome! :)

  • @ag_tommy, I thought it interesting that none of your options included an electronic backup eg a pw protected file or as a file on an encrypted USB key.

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    Old school. I might be showing my more than slightly greying hair. lol

    I have never trusted a stick sitting around for years. That's probably coming from days long ago and in another life. The saying then was, if you can't put your hands on it and verify it's locked, it ain't locked. As well as If it's not a hard copy, it doesn't exist.. write it in the daily journal (documentation for legal proceedings.) We documented everything.

    I have multiple linked devices around which I could use to find my Secret Key/Master Password. Plus, I have various family members set up for account recovery. So yeah, I guess, I have more than a few electronic backups. :)

  • my more than slightly greying hair.

    I guarantee not as much grey as makes us look more...mature ;)

  • ag_tommyag_tommy

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  • @at_tommy: I was just going through some estate planning documents included among which were brand new once-written thumb drives (2GB) from several years ago. Out of the 5 drives (one for each family member), two were unreadable by any of my computers (Macs and PCs). So that gray hair of yours indicates wisdom as well as age.

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    So that gray hair of yours indicates wisdom as well as age.

    Indeed. :sunglasses:


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