How do I move an account from one category to another?

I've imported a large number of items. I've started to tag them but would rather move them to the proper category, how do I do that?

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  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Hi @mbowers79! Welcome to the forum!

    You cannot change the category of an item after creating it in a specific one (the only exceptions are Password items, which can be converted to Login items). This is because the templates for the various categories are very different from each other.

    If you want to change the category of a large number of items, you might want to import the items again with a CSV file that imports them to the category you want:

    Create a CSV file to import into 1Password

    At the end of the page you will see the format that your CSV file must have so that 1Password can import items to a specific category.

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