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Hi! New to 1password. I signed up to share login info back n forth with my clients for the million accounts we'll be using together. I'm a web designer. So my question is - does anyone have an email template they send to clients with instructions on how to join, access, and use a vault that they wouldn't mind sharing? I'm not finding this in the support docs and since I'm new I'm not even sure the best way to concisely send this info. Thanks!

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  • :P ...anyone?

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    Hi @Erin_Evergreen! Welcome to the forum!

    Sorry for the wait! We have a collection of articles with tutorials on how to join a team and getting started with 1Password, which you can find here:

    Team members: Get started with 1Password

    It's not an email template, but this page gives your clients a summary of what they need to do once they get your invitation, and it has links to more in-depth articles for each feature (joining the account, sharing vaults etc). Does this help?

  • Thanks for the reply but that is only confusing for them. They need instructions for signing on as a guest to a vault and nothing else. Keep it simple. :) I've created something for them already. I'll share here in case anyone else is looking:

    The next step will be to securely share account access.

    1. You will get an invitation in your email from 1Password to sign up as a guest on my account. Accept this, follow their instructions. Do NOT pay for your own account because you are a guest on mine and it is unnecessary.
    2. I'll get a notification that you accepted.
    3. Then I will send an invite to your email to our shared "vault."
    4. Once you have received the vault invitation, go to the accounts we need access to and start logging in and allowing 1Password to save the info. This includes: (include any accounts here you want them to give you access to)
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    Thank you for sharing this! I am sure other users will find it useful :+1:

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