Request: When I change category, don't clear/delete my search text

This has been bugging me for years!

I type some text into the search box. I see some results.

Then I realise I have highlighted something like Weak Passwords, or Trash or [blah... blah.... blah]

So I click on All items, which is what I wanted inthe first place when I did the Search.

1P changes to the new category, but deletes by search text [grrrrrr!] So I have to type my search in again. This may seem picky, but it bites me time and time again.

WHY do you clear that search box when I change category/folder? Can you not do that?



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  • bundtkatebundtkate

    Team Member

    I totally understand that, @markv! While I think clearing the search when filters like the categories are changed might be largely typical (Gmail seems to do the same thing), it gets me all the same. Heck, even in Gmail it gets me as I most often search there when I accidentally deleted something and invariably forget to select the trash first. That said, if you're always looking to search All Items, there's a keyboard shortcut for that. If you press Ctrl + Shift + F any time you want to search, that will always search All Items out the gate no matter your sidebar selections. :+1:

  • Hi @bundtkate thanks for your comment.
    I've thought this through and think the way 1P works is illogical.
    1P starts up selecting the Watchtower/Category you previously selected. That is almost never what I want, if the selected folder isn't All items.

    One fix would be an Option setting to always start up selecting All items (vs. last selected item). That could help many users.

    So, so often I run 1P do what I want then finally have a look at weak passwords or something similar. I definitely don't want to start up next time on that selection, but that's what happens.


  • ag_anaag_ana

    Team Member


    I think that it's a safe choice to have 1Password bring you back to your last selection in most cases. Do you find yourself inside the Watchtower section so often, more than in your All Items view?

  • @ag_ana
    When I start 1P, 99% of the time I'm looking for a login. So I want All items.

    I always leave it running all day because I don't want the hassle of typing my Master Password again if I exit and restart.

    Quite often I will idly click on Watchtower categories during the day, just to see what's there, and is there anything more I can improve. So quite often, at the end the day I shutdown the PC when I'm on a Watchtower category.

    Perhaps I'm unusual in doing that, but it doesn't feel unusual.

    I can't imagine any circumstance where I'd want to start 1P pointing at anything except All items.

  • ag_anaag_ana

    Team Member


    Understood, thank you for your feedback on this! :+1::)

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