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  • Just wanted to say that, on Mac, with the latest stable Chrome (81.0.4044.138) and the latest 1Password extension ( and the latest 1Password (1Password 7 Version 7.5 (70500003) 1Password Store), I still had to change the label of my account field from "Account ID" to "account" in order to get it filled in.

    Can you please ask the developers to consider that this is not just an issue with AWS: I find it happens with many sites that have "multiple username" entries (similar to the account and username for AWS IAM logins). A good example: the Alameda County (California) property tax payment site, which has multiple sections each of which has multiple fields (see image below). I have tried many times to save my entries as a login in 1Password, but it never seems to do an adequate job of re-filling the form from the saved data, even when I copy entries into custom fields from the "Saved Form Data".

    Perhaps there's a way to let us add custom fields up in the credentials area, rather than as a separate section down below, as is possible with other templates (such as Memberships)? Then give those fields priority in matching when filling the site?

    Thanks for all the great work you folks do in maintaining 1Password. As a web developer, I know how much variation there is in web sites out there, and I'm always amazed that you folks do as well as you do in adapting and responding to reports like this.

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    Have you tried saving a login manually in the browser on that website? Saving items this way typically helps with websites that don't behave well out of the box.

  • Hi @ag_anna thanks for the tip but yes I have tried it manually many times. Sometimes it works, but often not.

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    I really appreciate all the details you've provided, @brotskydotcom. You've come to the 1Password X forum, which is actually a different extension than the one you're currently using. I'm happy to help regardless, but I wanted to mention that in case the previous comments in this thread confused you at all.

    I just gave filling a try on the site you mentioned using 1Password X and the desktop-dependent 1Password extension that you're using, and I'm able to fill the Parcel Number field the way I'd expect. Is that the field you generally want filled, or do you tend to search by property address instead?

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    Hi @kaitlyn, thanks for the reply, and sorry I didn't realize I was on the wrong forum. I'm happy to start a new thread elsewhere if that would be better protocol.

    I was talking about property address, actually, and it's the form on the next page (where you provide lots of bank account info if you're paying) that's really the doozy. The problem mostly seems to happen with similarly named fields or (of course) when fields change their name. The problem I find most difficult is that, when fields change name and no longer match the form, there's a tendency to fall back to some of the "traditional login fields" rather than just leaving fields blank (similar to what folks were reporting on the AWS page).

    Another good one I wish you could try is the GoGo in flight and the Southwest in-flight forms where you put in your credit card to buy airtime. For some reason those never work for me. (Of course, what with the pandemic and the fact that those forms only show in the air, I'm not asking you to risk your life to verify...)

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    Hey @brotskydotcom ,

    While 1Password has the ability to allow you to create custom fields and match their names with the actual HTML name of a field on a website, we certainly prefer if users do not have to mess with it or even know it exists. The goal is to get 1Password to autofill things correctly without manual intervention, so this is definitely not something we will develop further in the future, but rather focus our efforts on better autofilling logic :)

    Regardless, it sounds to me like you want to save identity / credit cards information as login items, which might be a big part of the issues you are having. If you're trying to autofill an address, use an identity item. If you're trying to fill a credit card, use a credit card item. 1Password offers all of these different item types built-in. Currently, 1Password can autofill:

    • Login items.
    • Password items.
    • Identity items.
    • Credit Card items.

    If you haven't already, do create yourself an identity item and a credit card item(s) as necessary, and try to autofill using these items instead of login items where applicable.

    Granted, autofilling these item types is not perfect (yet), especially if dropdowns are involved (e.g. select state dropdown), but it will do a better job than a login item in most cases.

  • Hi @Yaron, thanks for the tip. In fact I have multiple Identity and Password items, and use them often. It would be nice to be able to auto-fill from a Bank Account, by the way: does that work?

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    At the moment bank accounts are not fillable I am afraid :( Categories which are fillable are the four mentioned by Yaron in his last post.

  • Thanks for confirming, @ag_ana.

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    Glad we could help, @brotskydotcom .

    It is great to have Bank account items in 1Password as they help organize and contain a lot of info that a login can't/shouldn't, but having a login item for that bank in addition to the actual Bank account item is the way to go. The login item should contain only the login credentials and the URL, while the Bank account item can contain anything and everything about your bank account.

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