Are 7.4 vaults backwards compatible with 4.6.2 vaults?



I currently have 7.3.712 on one of my Windows 10 machines. I also have on another Windows 10 machine on the same local network. I use a file syncing utility to sync changes to the .opvault files on the two local machines.

I have this strange arrangement so that I can use WLAN Sync on version to sync changes to my iphone.

Feel free to view me as a Luddite, but I still prefer to not have my passwords in the cloud.

Now for my question:

On my machine with 7.3.712, 1Password wants to update to 7.4.767. I understand 7.3 to 7.4 was a major update, so before I update to 7.4, can you please confirm that the .opvault files used for 7.4 are backwards compatible with in the same way the .opvault files for 7.3.712 are backward compatible with

ie: If I update to 7.4.767, should I expect any problems continuing to use 1Password 7.4 syncing with 4.6.2 on my two local machines as described above?

Thank you for your help!

PS: I would be very grateful if you would bring back WLAN Sync or a similar local syncing utility that does not involve the cloud or an internet connection! I know I am not the only person who would like to have this feature! ;-)

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OS Version: Windows 10
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  • bundtkatebundtkate

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    You'll be fine upgrading to 7.4, @SVC. We've not made any changes to OPVault as far back as my memory goes and I don't expect that to change. Even 1Password memberships use a data structure similar to OPVault under the hood. And regardless, we will always prompt you if we're making any sort of data structure changes that might impact other machines in your environment. We don't assume everyone is running the latest on all of their devices. Besides simple preferences, such as your own, folks have older machines that can't run the latest OS or less used devices they didn't care to pay to update. The reasons are legion and we're not going to risk y'all losing access over such a migration. Expect to see something similar to the prompt you likely saw to update from Agile Keychain to OPVault when setting up 1Password 7 if ever we do anything like that again.

    As for WLAN sync, I would make any future decisions based on the assumption it's not coming back. We definitely understand that not everyone wants to embrace cloud storage generally, but rebuilding that system for 1Password 7 would be a truly massive undertaking and to this point, we've not seen a level of interest that could justify dedicating the necessary development resources to getting it done. I know this isn't what you wanted to hear and there's always some chance we'll change our minds down the road, but a teammate of mine mentioned to another customer earlier today that it's best to make choices based on the now and that really stuck with me. We can know the state of things today, but tomorrow is a total toss. Decisions based on speculation can easily lead to disappointment and having a password management system that works for you is such an important thing today, even if that isn't 1Password. Of course, 1Password may provide other features that are important enough you're willing to make some sacrifices to stick around and I certainly hope that's the case, but saying I have any expectation that WLAN sync will return would be dishonest and I don't want to mislead you. As the magic 8-ball would say, all signs point to no right now so decisions are best made with that assumption in mind.


    Thank you for the prompt and detailed reply. Much appreciated. Great news regarding the OPVault data structure. I'll upgrade to 7.4 now.

    I figured WLAN Sync probably wasn't going to be making a comeback, but I had to ask. :) I love 1Password, so my wonky sync workaround is well worth the effort to be able to continue using a local version of 1Password for Windows!

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    It's no trouble at all, @SVC. For whatever it might be worth, we are only able to support iCloud and Dropbox sync on iOS, and that's really the more limiting factor here. Other platforms where greater access to the file system is possible can use folder sync to allow you essentially design your own syncing solution. WLAN sync may be on the outs, but folder sync could be able to expand its footprint to provide more options if iOS opens up some options to access something like the Files app down the road. All just hopes and dreams at this point, of course, and I'm glad your solution works for you for now, but it wouldn't be totally useless to hope for a better future. :chuffed:

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