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We are very excited to finally announce that the command line tool is coming out of beta!

The tool as been working reliably for quite a while and with the changes we are introducing today we feel comfortable marking the 1.0 release.

The two major new features of this release are:

  • A configurable password generator for Login and Passwort items. The --generate-password flag was introduced in the previous release and now we added additional options to configure the length and ingredients of the password.
  • Easy extraction of field values. Working with items has been a bit cumbersome due to the JSON structure we return, and usually involves using additional tools like jq. In this release, get item gets --fields and --format flags with which users can extract the raw value of a single field or get multiple fields in a simplified JSON or CSV format.


$ op create item login --generate-password=20,letters [email protected] website= title=forum
$ op get item forum --fields password

$ op get item forum --fields username,password
{"password":"UjtDcFCtlZvuCVIRUvfJ","username":"[email protected]"}

$ op get item forum --fields username,password --format csv
[email protected],UjtDcFCtlZvuCVIRUvfJ

Of course that doesn't mean that the command line tool is "done". We have more things in the pipeline to improve it :smile:

Release notes and download:

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