Found some files on my hard drive potentially related to 1Password

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I found a folder named "default" on my hard drive that I hesitate to blow away because it might have something to do with 1Password. I conclude that from some of the content, which is not intended to be user-friendly. Much binary and encoded text.

So I am wondering if anyone could shed any light on the contents described here.

  1. There are 141 items in the folder named "default"
  2. Most of the files have names like "0F9258934E4745A69D2BB8C4AD4F2920_A0C7D41C5A0349C89CEBB1A8FD7C9480.attachment"
  3. The content of those files starts out with something like "OPCLDATÅ`5{"txTimestamp":1500337951,"uuid":"A0C7D41C5A0349C89CEBB1A8FD7C9480","itemUUID":"0F9258934E4745A69D2BB8C4AD4F2920","updatedAt":1465397357,"createdAt":1465397357,"overview":"b3BkYXRhMDE3AAAAAAAAAPqifFw6YJieDxv7Ei5QhXiQ+Zx2VhbP5QHtjJBNVGCTDT+lkIJUbXPyswg\/cYAqfFbjh9krt5LztenO+U17PcWlOMHz62FJ0AhjLftCW0j9Ay+eTNus61TY6gHMytT5gZTr+NYkw+2H+KUgSLnaeFU=","contentsSize":146354,"external":true}opdata"
  4. After that readable intro, the rest of the file is binary.
  5. About 16 files have names like "band_0.js"
  6. The into of such files have content like "d({"05E872A99A0D4684B12E73DCFF8CE3AA":{"category":"100","updated":1471302198,"k":"E1SJGkstZjIIWRRCNar4BgfoLbngCvA0xG5\/D4TKGgTRdZlEv6BogHW6LMr22l7MErT\/K350QwAGq2RUzDnPiA4admQYABbuvqXOXlxETzPpAgBsSfrOKNL3grJ7\/hnRu+cym5fOdV8S6BmD4Q1ALg==","tx":1579554724,"hmac":"\/giwO92mlMRTG87ZNW7e4QEl0rIFjV8zso0MN8H2iLg=","uuid":"05E872A99A0D4684B12E73DCFF8CE3AA",
  7. The rest of the "js" files looks like UUEncoded data.
  8. There are two more files named folders.js and profile.js.
  9. Folders.js starts out with "loadFolders({"09B3ABE3F34E4A34BCFCC336F75D84FC":{"uuid":"09B3ABE3F34E4A34BCFCC336F75D84FC","updated":1439340820,"overview":"b3BkYXRhMDEQAAAAAAAAAC3NQJ9d7KkiZwTCEp0ZchfjJ5eAF6HC6V7RUfObWvp\/8e6VWcL+WCFc9e35AdScob2DU2nr8iQ22gGfB9t7enONjDrLLd2LEMetp1EVyNUe","created":0,"tx":1500337949},"4C85AAD89759486CB8DBD4FF50FFEA10":{"uuid":"4C85AAD89759486CB8DBD4FF50FFEA10","updated":1277566421,"smart":true,"overview":"b3BkYXRhMDExCQAAAAAAAHzx9LnK8Kusp21Oe3RGi37Nv9xE6ubVL\/oHIxgnxZz2tHy"
  10. Profile.js starts out with "var profile={"uuid":"08F7DE3206A6449FBC76DE59C1764560","updatedAt":1448331482,"passwordHint":"","masterKey":"b3BkYXRhMDEAAQAAAAAAAMqretueUcN68wZofeV5\/1zQxCkmzaFn6p9xPGL+zDSSuNv+zrsJyX\/qNqKGwJi47tdnQAZu\/vIqhoFVnWuINkMIz1VMxwRJ9zQAerSq7yBAIUoCqRt0ZFVeC"

The reason why I am asking in the 1P forum is that some of the content appears to be related to a program like 1P because is has masterKey and passwordHint in the text. However, I understand that these are not very strong correlations to your product, and may have nothing to do with it.

Can you shed any light on this issue?

1Password Version: Not Provided
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Not Provided
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    Hi @jasimon9

    This is indeed your encrypted 1Password data.


  • jasimon9jasimon9 Member

    Ok, good to know. However, I don't know why it was found in a folder named "default" outside of my keychain file on a backup disk. My vault is a macOS package file named 1Password.opvault stored in Dropbox.

    My best guess would be that somehow the package file got opened and I saw the "default" folder, without realizing it was from the 1P package and thought "I better make a copy of this", which I did. So I ended up with this extra copy of the default folder. All the files are dated 24-Jan-2020, so it is an old copy.

    I am thinking there is no reason to retain this extra copy. The 1Password.opvault is kept in my Dropbox and synced from there. I have some other backups of it, and the extra one from months ago serves no purpose.

    Do you agree with this thinking?

  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    I do agree with that line of thinking, yes. :)


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