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Dear 1Password Team,

Is it an option to add more supported languages? Not everybody in my family, eg. my parents, is able to use 1Password as they don't speak English or any of the other supported languages. I'd be more than happy to add Hungarian translation and maintain it if it can be done easily (eg. provided in i18n text files and not so overwhelming amount of lines). I can also use eg. MemoQ to speed up the translation process. What do you think?


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    Hi @GRobert

    Thank you for your interest in making 1Password available in more languages. We currently rely heavily on the 1Password community to provide translations. We utilize Crowdin as the platform for gathering the original strings and their translations. If you're interested in helping out with those efforts I'd encourage you to email us at [email protected] and we can get you the appropriate resources. Thanks!

    My apologies. I've just learned that we are not currently able to consider expanding our language offerings. We would truly love to have 1Password available in additional languages, and as I wrote above we were heavily reliant on volunteers via Crowdin to make that happen. Unfortunately we found that in the vast majority of cases the process is just too much to expect of volunteers. Keeping the translation at an acceptable level is a fair amount of work — more than one might expect. We found our volunteers were burning out trying to keep up.

    Hopefully we can come up with a better solution so that going forward additional languages will be possible. For now, while we greatly appreciate the enthusiasm and willingness to help us, we are not bringing on additional volunteers or languages at this time.


  • Thanks!


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    For a little additional context, the Mac and iOS versions currently have a total of 21,854 words.

  • I suppose it's too expensive to hire professional translators?

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    That is certainly something we are considering.


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