Why do some logins not work on Android but do on WIndows?

Some logins, specifically Capital One and Chase for example, will not fill out the userid/pw (chase) or access (capital one) when invoked from my cellphone but work fine when invoked from my WIndows computer?

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  • periperi

    Team Member

    @hjhermans Thanks for reaching out!

    Are you having trouble filling in the Chase Mobile and Capital One apps, or are you trying to fill into their websites? If the problem is with the websites, can you let me know what browser you're using?

  • Not using the banks apps even though I do have the Capital One app on my phone. Just trying to access their websites just like i do on my computer. On the computer i use Chrome. On the phone, i have no idea what browser, if any, is used. I just run 1PW and access the website. I do have chrome on the phone but not sure if that is the one being used.

  • ag_anaag_ana

    Team Member


    I just run 1PW and access the website.

    For confirmation: does this mean that you are using the built-in browser inside the 1Password app?

  • I guess i must be using the built-in browser as i don't see any specific browser being opened. Like you, i run 1pw on the cellphone and access the website. Problems described above occur with 1pw as far as i can tell.

  • periperi

    Team Member

    @hjhermans I would recommend using Chrome or your default browser on Android, and allowing 1Password to fill using Autofill and Accessibility. To open your default browser, long press on the URL (instead of tapping) and then tap Open... to open in another browser. Just tapping the URL will open it in 1Password's built in 1Browser.

    Make sure you have both Autofill and Accessibility enabled, and you can fill in Chrome and other apps. Let me know if you have trouble filling in your default browser.

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