Copying a password page to another vault.

We are looking to do family folders, but I need a question answered. If I copy a password page (for the lack of a better word) to another vault, do I have the option of keeping that copied password page linked to the original page? To add more context. If one page receives a manual update will all other copied linked pages show the update?

I am trying to solve for this issue: I have three vaults for 3 different people, some password pages I want in all three vaults. When password reset time comes I want to be able to update the password in all three at once.

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Referrer: forum-search:If I copy a pw pge to anther vault are the 2 pw pges linked? Info chngd on 1 auto updates the other?


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    Hi @SC2112

    We'd be happy to help point you in the right direction on that. To answer your question: no. If you have multiple copies of an item in various places there is no link between those copies. They are each independent items. Updating the password on one will not update the password on others. The way we recommend approaching this is by only having one copy of each item, and storing it in a vault that is shared with the appropriate people. This may mean that you need to create additional vaults so that you have the right combination of sharing options.

    Share passwords in 1Password Families

    For example, let's say that Bob, Alice, and Jimmy share a 1Password Families membership. If each person has items that they only want to share with one of the others, then they'd need the following vaults:

    1. Bob + Alice
    2. Bob + Jimmy
    3. Alice + Jimmy
    4. They may also use the built-in Shared vault, which is shared with everyone, for items all three of them need access to

    Note: these are not necessarily the names of the vaults. You can name them however you'd like. These are the people with access to each vault.

    When Bob has an item he wants to share with Jimmy (or vice versa) he would move that item (not copy) it into the Bob + Jimmy vault. That way both he and Jimmy can use it, and there is only one item to update if the password changes. Alice would not have access to the item. Does that make sense? Does it address your question? Please let me know.


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