Best way to tidy and sync?

I have 1Password on my Mac and iPhone, and I want to put it on my PC so I can use 1Password instead of Chrome to remember my passwords. My Mac and iPhone are clearly not on the same page, i.e. not syncing. I am a long-time user so I don't have a membership, I bought the stand-alone almost 10 years ago. Back then I synced with Dropbox, but then when the opportunity to sync with iCloud arrived I switched. This seems to be when my syncing stopped working correctly. Now, when I want to put 1Password on the PC, I am not sure (a) what is my most up-to-date keychain, (b) whether I should allow 1Password to update my legacy keychain in Dropbox or even use Dropbox at all, and (c) whether it's important to be sure I am tidily syncing my 1Password between my iPhone and Mac first before involving the PC. All advice welcome and appreciated, thanks! Bonus points for advice on how best to get passwords from Chrome to 1Password, since at this point those are my most updated passwords.

1Password Version: 7.5.2
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: OS X 10.11
Sync Type: iCloud and Dropbox


  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hey @christieps

    We'd be happy to help. iCloud cannot sync 1Password data to a PC, and Dropbox is now limiting the number of devices free accounts can have. 1Password membership is the recommended way forward. It ensures you always have access to the latest versions of 1Password for all of your compatible devices (no limit on # of devices), it keeps your data the same across all of your devices, and it also provides a convenient web app that can import from Chrome. You can read more about the benefits here:

    About 1Password membership

    You can read about using to import from Chrome here:

    Move your data from other applications to 1Password

    My recommendation would be to import from Chrome, migrate your data from both the Mac and iPhone to, clean up any duplicates or old info, and then sign into 1Password for Windows. Mac and iOS offer the ability to sort your data by date last used as well as date modified, so that may help in getting things cleaned out.

    Please let me know if you need any help along the way. :)


  • Thanks, Ben, this was really helpful! For future users who come across this thread, I would add these extra pieces to Ben's advice:

    1. Upgrade to the latest 1Password software (in my case, 1Password 7) first.
    2. Use WLAN to sync iOS and Mac vaults so that everything is on the Mac.
    3. You have the option to Copy or Move items from the Primary vault on the Mac to the account, and I regret not choosing Copy -- when I chose Move, it eliminated any details on Date Last Modified or Date Created that would have allowed me to organize a little easier among duplicates.

    Ben, is there any way to automatically show all passwords in all items once the app is open on my Mac? That would save many extra clicks to determine which items to delete and which to keep.



  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    Thanks for the update and for sharing those tips @christieps. If you'd like you can change the View > Conceal Passwords preference so that passwords aren't hidden by default. That may help.


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