I Am Canceling

If a way to remove duplicates without an Apple device is not mentioned, I am canceling. I do not want to hear about how it's my fault, or that I'm not on the right OS. None of that is my problem. If you do not have an answer, simply do not reply and let me cancel in peace.

1Password Version: All
Extension Version: All
OS Version: All
Sync Type: All


  • Honestly people, the fact that it's in the MacOS version should be a red flag. Porting the code would not be incredibly hard. If it's the same language across platforms (which is likely) they can just copy/paste and fix issues until it works, because all issues will just be OS dependency issues. Their platform teams are uncoordinated and/or lazy.

  • ag_anaag_ana

    Team Member

    Hi @richardred15! Welcome to the forum!

    I am sorry to hear you are canceling! However, I understand and you should use the tool that works best for you. We hope to see you here again one day though :)

    If you change your mind or would like some tips on how to make 1Password work for you, we are always reachable here or via email.

    No matter what you end up using, please use a password manager and stay safe online!

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