Feature Request: guest accounts, restrict password visibility and editing

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Hi, I wanted to ask if it's possible, else if this can be implemented (if not already on the roadmap), that **guest vaults ** are always or by default restricted, so that guests (contractors etc) can't view, copy/export or change the passwords by themselves, and to have for each vault in part, the option to allow copy and/or edit, without ever seeing the password.
This would help out greatly in working with 3rd party's, as you want to prevent them from copying your login information, so that you have to reset them everytime you remove someone's access.
This has been implemented with other password manager tools, and it's very useful for any business to have.

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    When you invite someone (including a guest) to a vault you decide what level of access they are going to have for that vault. The default is no access - people generally have to be added to vaults in order to access them. The exception to this is that it is also possible to define access to a vault on a per-group basis, so if someone is part of a group then their access to a vault may be affected by which group(s) they are in.

    It is possible to restrict all of the things you've mentioned:

    Create, share, and manage vaults in your team



  • thanks @Ben for the info and link :).

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    No problem. :)


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