Trouble with credit card filling


  • I'm having the same problem. Card expiration date is stored correctly as 06/2021, but it expects MM/YY and 1password enters 2021. Actually, it also accepts MM/YYYY if written manually.

    To answer ag_ana's post above:

    1pass desktop app: 7.4.767
    Browser: Firefox 76.0.1
    1pass extension:
    OS: Windows 10 1909
    Website: (finnish computer store)

    Source code (I had to replace all the tags, otherwise they would disappear):
    [div class="col-xs-6 form-group has-feedback has-feedback-left "]
    [label class="control-label" for="expiry"]VOIMASSAOLO[/label]
    [input class="form-control cc-exp" type="tel" id="expiry" name="expiry" pattern="\d*" autocomplete="cc-exp" placeholder="KK / VV" required=""]
    [span class="glyphicon icon-calendar form-control-feedback"][/span]
    [input type="hidden" id="expiration_month" name="expiration_month" value=""]
    [input type="hidden" id="expiration_year" name="expiration_year" value=""]

    "Voimassaolo" is "expiry" and "KK / VV" is "MM / YY" in english.

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Hi @ajp_anton! Welcome to the forum!

    Sorry for the wait here! I went to test that website and I was wondering if you could offer me some guidance in navigating it. I tried switching the language to English but it looks like most of the menus and buttons remained in Finnish. Would you be able to give me step by steps instructions on what to do and where to click in order to get to the credit card page, so I can test it? Thank you!

  • ajp_antonajp_anton
    edited June 15

    Yeah apparently the site isn't very thoroughly translated... I'll try to walk you through it. My language is set to finnish here and I'll translate the relevant parts.

    1. Go to
    2. Click on the green shopping cart icon on any product further down on the front page. This adds it to the shopping cart.
    3. You might want to hide the green box (that tells you what you just put into the cart) by clicking the X in the corner of the box. It's kind of in the way for the next step (it auto-disappears after a while though).
    4. Click the shopping cart icon at the very top of the page. In the drop-down box, click the green "Ostoskoriin" ("To shopping cart").
    5. Click the green "Kassalle" ("To checkout").
    6. Click the green "Seuraava" ("Next").
    7. Select "Tilaa ilman rekisteröitymistä" ("Order without registering") and click on the green "Seuraava" ("Next").
    8. Fill the page with nonsense (I used "abc" on almost everything).
    • Etunimi = First name
    • Sukunimi = Family name
    • Osoite = Address
    • Postinumero = Postal number/Zip code (use 12345)
    • Kunta = Municipality
    • Yritys = Company (this is optional)
    • Sähköpostiosoite = Email address (needs to at least look like a valid one)
    • Puhelinnumero = Phone number (use 0401234567)
    • Olen lukenut... = I have read... (check this box)
    • Lisätiedot... = Additional information... (also appears to be optional)
    1. Proceed by clicking the green "Seuraava" ("Next").
    2. Delivery method. Select "Nouto Turku" ("Collect [in] Turku") and click "Seuraava" ("Next").
    3. Payment method. Select "Ennakkomaksu" ("Advance payment") as this includes credit cards. Click "Seuraava" ("Next").
    4. Scroll down past the order summary. There are multiple payment options, all with large images/icons. In my case I selected VISA, but it appears to happen with Mastercard as well. Click any of them.
    5. Here 1password enters the date incorrectly. If you want to go back, click the X in the top/right corner and proceed from step #10.
  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Thank you so much for the instructions @ajp_anton! I will test the website and will let you know what I find :)

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    edited June 16


    I confirm that I was able to reproduce the issue with the date field on that website. I will open an internal issue to let our developers know about this, and to see if there is anything we can do to make 1Password work on that form :+1:

    And thank you again for the instructions!

    ref: dev/core/core#1736

  • ag_jarekag_jarek

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    @ajp_anton thanks for reporting this! I was able to track down the cause and fix this today so that expiration dates now fill correctly on that site.

    The fix will be released at some point in the future first on 1Password X ( but it will eventually trickle down to 1Password for Windows as well :smile:

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