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Loving 1Password as always.
We build databases using FileMaker Pro
There is a url schema that can allow us to login to a database with username and password straight from a url

fmp18:/username/:[email protected]/fileName

It works really well to put these in the Website field and click on them to open them.
I'd love it if they could automatically draw in the username and password - is that possible?
Is there a workaround?

I found the following but it was closed a long time ago with out resolution:

Many thanks for awesome software,

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  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @rjp

    We don't currently have the ability to fill into 3rd party apps on macOS / Windows, with the exception of supported browsers. These platforms don't provide a 'universal' autofill API like iOS does, and so any filling we do needs to be supported in a plugin/extension in the destination app. Most non-browser apps don't have any such plugin/extension framework.

    Hopefully this will be more feasible in the future but for now copy & paste or drag & drop would be the best way to get the credentials from 1Password into non-browser apps.


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