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The extension doesn't work on Firefox 18 beta 3. Had to downgrade Firefox to fix it. I understand that beta software might not be supported, but reporting just in case there is an issue you're not aware of yet.


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    Welcome to the forums, virusman! Thanks for taking the time to contact us.

    1Password supports the stable builds of Chrome, Safari and Firefox. While we can't guarantee that 1Password will work with Beta, Dev or Nightly builds of browsers, we make every effort to maintain compatibility as browsers go through their various development and release cycles. Sometimes, a change comes along that requires some change, so if you're on the cutting edge of browser releases, there may be some times when 1Password isn't compatible with the latest and greatest release of your favorite browser.

    Rest assured, we monitor the development of Safari, Firefox, and Chrome very closely and we vigorously test each release for 1Password compatibility. In general we recommend sticking with the stable releases of the browser, particularly if you don't want to use a Beta version of 1Password or the potential for temporary incompatibilities. In general, development and beta versions are for testing new features and ensuring compatibility rather than everyday browsing. For instance, we test development versions of browsers so we can be sure 1Password will be compatible as the release moves through beta and into the stable channel.

    There is a known bug in Firefox 18 with its WebSocket support. Hopefully Mozilla can fix it soon. We've been in touch with them. :)
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