Is it a bad idea to mix work and home?

Is there any risk in using the same 1Password account to manage both personal and work accounts? Right now, I have a Family account, which I have set up on all my personal devices, and I've been thinking about setting it up on my work computer as well. The thing I'm concerned about is IT somehow getting access to the information I have stored in 1Password. Is that an irrational fear on my part?


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    Your Master Password always protects your data. No one can access your data without knowing it.

    I think you may be able to gain the best of both worlds. That being use of 1Password while compartmentalizing your data access. Create a vault just for your work items in your family account, and then create a guest user account. Guests only have access to one specific vault. On the work machine, download and install 1Password, then add the guest account. Your personal data would not be present on the work device, and most likely, if you needed to access a personal item, you could use a mobile device.

    If you are unable to install 1Password at work, you can use 1Password X to access your guest vault.

    • A guest account would use a separate Master Password, Secret Key, and email address.

  • Thank you, Tommy. I like your solution. :)

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    You're welcome! I am glad to have helped.

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    I made a guest account for work, so only that account was on my work computer. This way I had my work passwords at home if needed, but not my personal passwords on my work computer. The guest account can only access the work vault, and nothing more.

    EDIT: I see this was suggested :)

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