I need to be able to Print Secure Notes on iOS while on-site with a Client who wants a copy.

Feature Request for iOS & Fix for macOS –

I have 3,700 clients where I work on-site (in home / in business). And they ask me to keep copies of passwords. But I also like to leave them with a report and a fdcopy of their most crucial passwords. So, I need to be able to print them on paper because sending them over email is just plain asking for trouble (VERY un-secure so I don't do that).

iOS just need the Share > Print button.

Also, when printing from macOS it leave the first page blank...and then picks up on page 2...that needs to be fixed.

1Password Version: iOS 7.5.3 / macOS 7.5 (70500002)
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: iOS 13.5.1 / macOS X.15.5
Sync Type: iCloud
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  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    Hi @TEKnight

    Thanks for taking the time to write in about this. For what it's worth - we generally don't recommend printing data that is stored in 1Password. We would also agree that emailing plain-text passwords is ill-advised. I would encourage you to reach out to our business team at [email protected] to discuss your current setup as well as what solutons they can offer, but off-hand you may want to consider using guest accounts to share 1Password data with these clients: https://support.1password.com/guests/
    This could be a value-added service that you offer to them.

    In the meantime... 1Password for iOS can print items currently:

    I'm going to try to reproduce the issue you mentioned with 1Password for Mac, but to be as up front as possible I don't imagine we're going to be investing additional time into printing.


  • TEKnightTEKnight
    edited July 3

    Hi @Ben

    Thanks for your reply! :-)

    Two (2) Initial Prefixes -

    • *A) Just so you know I’m not crazy...or perhaps a lil' more of my clients perspective, needs and desires. ;-) I have a wide range of clients…where the ones that typically like a paper copy for their safe are former business owners and/or retired CEOs who appreciate a lil’ more legacy way of doing things to perfection with a concierge type level of service. Usually these are very discerning folks who would rather not deal with more technology than they already have (like having linked 1P Guest Accounts). That’s where I often come in…like Jobs used to say…”Making things easy is hard”. So, I try to make things easy for my clients who would rather not have more technical details of how a hammer works, but rather just pick up the tool and know that it hammers nails. If that all makes sense?
    • *B) I must be slipping from my older Apple Sales Manager, Level III Tech, and old Macromedia Beta Tester days...showing my young age of 50 now, right? ;-) Especially with saying Macromedia, before Adobe bought them. ;-) However, in my defense...below in the photos I will demonstrate why it was so easy to miss seeing the Share menu option. Spoiler Alert...it's because the App does not initially show the 'Share' menu when Swiping down to the bottom of any Secure Note that is longer and extends off the size of the iOS or iPadOS device screen.

    So, I did discover why I was not seeing the ‘Share’ menu in either iOS or iPadOS. Plus, I also found some other random issues after playing around a bit…which I’ll explain further down my note and only shows up on the macOS side and NOT iOS or iPadOS.

    On to the heart of the matter after my prefixes…

    iOS and iPadOS Versions -
    So at first I saw your screen shot and thought what iOS / iPadOS is that? And still neither my iPad Pro 12.9” Gen 3 on iPadOS 13.5.1, nor my iPhone 11 Pro 5.4” which is on iOS 13.5.1 look like the screen shot you'd posted above (with that “left side ‘Share’ menu option...wondering if that is a P1 Beta perhaps?).

    Anyway, what I did discover on the iOS & iPadOS versions...is that a person must ‘flick’ or ‘swipe’ up twice (2 Times), even when the App and Side Scroll Bar bounces as an indication that an App has hit the bottom of the Screen Swipe Down. Keep in mind...this ONLY happens on longer Secure Notes that extend off the size of the iPhone or iPad's screen. So then, the App will only reveal the 'Move and Copy...' and 'Share' menus after a 2nd Swipe is performed...then and then only will the App reveal the ‘Share’ menu. Pictures are worth a thousand words…hope they will make more sense.

    macOS Version -
    Yet still on macOS (photos below)…there seems to be no consistent pattern to why the first page will print blank with the exception of the Secure Notes name at the top of Page 1. This one still has me a bit stumped as to why some notes that are longer on macOS print all the pages just fine, while other "longer" Secure Notes do this thing which basically skips printing page one (as if it is invisible ink). :-)

    Hope this might help you or you team of engineers…thanks for all you do!

    And by the way…I have sold thousands of 1P Apps to many clients…ya’ll are the best period!!!! Thanks for all you do!

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    edited July 3


    Thank you for the update and for all the screenshots? I have reproduced both of the behaviors on my devices:

    1) About the hidden Share menu: this happens when the content of the note is large enough to not allow 1Password to show the entire menu at the bottom of the item. What happens in your example is that you are swiping inside the note content, so that is the window that is going to scroll. If you try to scroll outside of the note's content, it will scroll directly to the bottom of the item.

    2) I was able to reproduce the printing issue in 1Password for Mac with a long note, so I will let the developers know and see if there is anything we can do here :+1:

    And by the way…I have sold thousands of 1P Apps to many clients…ya’ll are the best period!!!! Thanks for all you do!

    Thank you for the kind words!

    ref: dev/apple/issues#4853

  • Hi @ag_ana

    Another night owl! :-) I love it...and thank you and your team again for all your efforts! Us consumers appreciate it...at least this ole propellerhead does! ;-)

    So, Yes, I see now what you'd mentioned in #1...it is easy with a larger Secure Note to be swiping in the 'Notes' Area instead of outside. Especially on a smaller iPhone Pro. Thanks for pointing that out!

    Hopefully you will have a good weekend coming up soon...at least best we can with all the craziness.

    Your Northwest Secret Sales Rep signing out...stay safe. ;-)

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    I am not much of a night owl actually! It's lunch time here :D

    Thank you again for all the kind words, and stay safe too. I will try to post an update about the secure note printing as soon as I get some more information :+1:

  • @ag_ana

    Ha ha yes...I was thinking Ontario...perhaps England eh? And I'm not even Canadian...lots of great tech folks in the England neck of the woods. Nick from Astute Graphics. Only been to England twice...similar weather to Oregon sometimes.

    Anyway, it's always easy to state the facts! :-) My Mom always used to say..."if the think of an honest compliment, you should say it as you just might make somebodies day". Yet, now days a person has to be careful if others don't know a person well. But I'm glad you and your team are encouraged today.

    Thanks again!

  • ag_anaag_ana

    Team Member

    We are always happy to hear some positive feedback, so you are never wrong here if you do that :+1::)

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