Suggestions for Domain Breach Report

I've just had a look at the "Domain Breach Report" available via the 1Password website. I'm requested these reports from "Have I Been Pwned?" in the past so am already familiar with them.

Currently the only way to interact with the list is to click on each user name and make an assessment if any action is warranted, which is can take a little bit of time.

I have suggestions for the report presentation:

1) Allow a view that shows all user/source combinations in reverse order of the breach data being known about, so that I can quickly see which users might need to be prompted for changes.

2) Allow a filter to remove from display the "breaches" that don't actually contain credential data - plenty of my domain's addresses are in various spammer databases, there's nothing I can usefully do with that information, so it just obscures the more concerning breaches.

3) Allow me to order by current/suspended members, and other addresses. Some of these other addresses will be former staff members, some will just be guessed/typo'ed addresses (in the case of spam database breaches). These are the records of most interest to me as I need to ensure accounts have been correctly closed, and data deleted.


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  • ag_tylerag_tyler

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    Hey @leedxw! I'm so glad that you've gotten a chance to take a look at our new domain breach report feature. As with any new feature that we bring to 1Password we absolutely love hearing how people use it to help keep themselves safe online (and how we can make it even better). Those are some awesome suggestions and I'm going to bring those up with the team to see about if we can implement those. I can't make any promises about whether or not they'll be brought to the report but I'll certainly advocate for them.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to reach out to us and I'm excited to watch 1Password and the domain breach report grow with you :smile:

  • I'm also playing around with this and it's overall excellent! I also see there is a "Hide spam lists" toggle now (presumably part of the Build 842 release?) so that's awesome.

    However I'd also like to chime in with a request similar to @leedxw 's #3 but with an option to "ignore" or otherwise hide some users rather than just an option to invite.

    Reason being: We've acquired a number of companies over the years and onboarded their various email domains into our systems. While staff have been given an email address under our primary domain in some cases they also maintain alternate addresses using the older domains —and unfortunately the Breach Report's "alias" feature doesn't work for us here due to differences in addressing conventions (ie the older org's addresses were [email protected] while our standard mailboxes are [email protected])

    However because I added all these still-somewhat-active domains into the Breach Report it is showing an absolute ton of ancient users from these other companies, almost all of which aren't even active mailboxes/aliases, which makes invite option inapplicable. Being able to say "this address can be ignored now and/or forever" (obviously once we confirm that there is indeed no such active account or related credentials!) would help make the report much more manageable.


  • ag_tylerag_tyler

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    Hey @MrCoBalt! I'm so happy to see that you're loving the domain breach report! Like I mentioned above, we love hearing ideas of how we can continue to grow this feature and make it fit everyone's needs!

    You brought up a really interesting case here that I would be happy to bring up to our development team. I can't make any promises on whether or not that'll be brought to our domain breach report but I'll certainly make sure it gets in front of our team!

  • Great idea and it works well but I also agree I would really like to see a way to hide irrelevant data. For examples a breach includes a "[email protected]" email, we never use [email protected] its irrelevant to us. So would be good next to the "Invite" button to have a "Hide" button.

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Thank you for the feedback as well! I would like to ask you to elaborate a little bit on the example you brought up. If a "[email protected]" email is included in the report, it should show up only if it was found in a breach. So it should have been used at least once, unless I misunderstood?

  • No we have never used the [email protected] email, ever. Yet it shows in the report, I guess its a fake breach, a fake login.

    Its not the only one, there is loads on our report fake emails we have never used.

    It would be good to hide/ignore these as they just waste space on the report as they are fake breaches.

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Interesting. Thanks for letting us know @mdeluk. We'll have to do some brainstorming on that.


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