2 separate accounts for same website

2nd day learning 1password. Some of my accounts have two logins. One has a login name but no password while the other has no login name but a password. Any way to combine them or delete one, and which one?

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  • ag_yaronag_yaron

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    Hey @KenW2 ,

    It is best if you save/record a login directly from the website you're trying to log into, since 1Password will, in most cases, record all the fields in a single login entry. You can do so by following these simple steps: https://support.1password.com/save-login-manually/

    Once you save a proper login that contains all the necessary fields in one place, you can delete the other incomplete entries from your 1Password.
    In case the website you're trying this on is not playing nicely with 1Password and you're still having troubles, share the website's link here so I can test it for you and see what I can find. It would also help if you tell me which 1Password extension is installed in your browser (version?), which browser you're using and on which operating system you are on (Mac? Windows?).

  • I have another related issue. I have about 20 separate user accounts at manuscriptcentral.com, one for each journal:
    When I log on, 1Password suggests All logins for the entire domain, but it should be specific to the directory subtree, not the domain. Lastpass has the same issue.
    Launching manuscriptcentral.com from inside 1Password only solves part of the problem since the 1Password www browser is not fully compatible with manuscriptcentral.com, I need to use opera or Firefox.

  • ag_yaronag_yaron

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    Hey @marty317 ,

    1Password will suggest all logins that have the same base domain as the website you're currently visiting. That is a crucial component of how 1Password works, since a user might be visiting one of the following domains but will want to autofill the same credentials in all of them:

    • apple.com
    • store.apple.com
    • appleid.apple.com
    • developer.apple.com

    If we only suggest autofilling on the original URL that was saved when creating the login, that would drastically reduce 1Password's usability and efficiency for most of our users.

    That said, 1Password should suggest the best matching URL first. So if you have 20 different login entries and they each have a unique URL (even though the base domain is identical), the one that matches the URL you're currently visiting should show up first in the list (except for iOS where autofilling is determined by iOS itself and not by 1Password).

  • Thanks a lot for your reply. If 1Password ranked matching entries after best match, that would indeed solve my problem.
    However, when I navigate to
    the top autofil suggestion is for
    which is my 1Password entry called “Acta oncologica". So the sorting of Autofill suggestions is alphabetical after entry name.

    Maybe you could make it an option if Autofill suggestions should be be sorted after best URL match or alphabetically afterogin record name.

  • ag_yaronag_yaron

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    I see what you mean.
    1Password does not compare the URL's suffix (e.g. anything after the .com), but only subdomains.

    If your URL's were like so:

    • ac.website.com
    • md.website.com

    Then 1Password would suggest exact matches first. But since both the subdomain and base domain are identical, 1Password resorts to sorting them alphabetically.
    In that case, I would recommend two things:
    1. Use favorites. You can mark the logins you use more often as favorites, and they'll always show up on top of the list of suggestions.
    2. Use the search bar. As soon as the 1Password suggestions window shows up, you can start typing the name of the login you need, and 1Password will find it within the first 3-4 letters you type in, allowing you to hit the Enter key to autofill quickly and efficiently. You will need to have a unique name for every login in order for this method to work though :)

    Thanks for the feedback and suggestion! We have some similar feature requests from other users already, hopefully this will be implemented into 1Password at some point in the future.

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